Lettin’ Ya In On Some Deets!


This is the first picture taken of my boyfriend and I as a couple. This was way back in 2012.

A Little Note From Me

I don’t just want this to be a beauty blog where everyone looks at my pictures but feels absolutely no personal connection to me. My goal is to reach out to everyone reading this on a more personal level.

I’m an introvert by nature but I want to break out of my shell. It’s not that I am afraid of social interactions. I am the type of person that typically rather sit back and listen, absorbing what is going on.  I want to find my voice. I didn’t create this blog for free products, money, or any of those benefits. Granted they would be a plus, but it wasn’t the point of this.

For me this blog is about finding my true voice. I’ve found over the years of going to school, I’ve always been really good at dissecting a teacher’s personality, and being able to write the exact type of paper they are looking for. I’ve written countless papers just to appease professors, and that’s not what I want for my future. I don’t want to write like a robot on auto pilot. I want to write as myself, and nothing more. (I don’t write for arguments that I don’t support, but I’ve always written in a format that is pleasing)

My ambitions are to one day work in the cosmetics industry. I’m not exactly sure what type of job, but I have a few ideas. I really wouldn’t mind working behind the scenes in marketing, advertising, or product design. I want to become more intertwined with this topic. I also want to showcase my makeup artistry. Being creative with makeup is something I always look forward too.

While trying to connect with everyone, I will let you into bits and pieces of my everyday life; aspects may not have anything to do with beauty. These bits and pieces may seem slow or a bit hesitant at first because I’m still getting used to this. 🙂

Cheers To Four Years!

Yesterday was a very special day. It was my mine and my boyfriend’s four-year anniversary of dating. We are each other’s best friend. We started dating in high school, and have been in love ever since. Typically, I don’t post much about my relationship on any sort of social media. However, I realize that humans get curious…I’m a super curious person.

My boyfriend’s name is Keegan; he and I balance each other out perfectly. He is usually really hyperactive and fun-loving. I can be kind of guarded and not willing to try new things. Our personalities work well together, no matter where we are or what we are doing, we always have a fun time.
really cool picture of Keegan

This is him out on the ice one of the days we took pictures. He’s very stubborn about having his picture taken but I know he wouldn’t mind me posting this here. It’s ironic that he hates his picture taken seeing how he sits in front of a camera shooting YouTube videos almost everyday.

cooooolDead grass, ice, and the beautiful sun. This picture really shows how where we live can be like. We live up north where the weather is super flippy floppy. We have both lived in New England our entire lives. We plan on getting out of here one day, at least for a little while, but eventually we believe we will end up back here to raise a family….MANY MANY years down the road.

I hope you enjoyed this little post, and if you did let me know by giving me a like, a comment, or tweet me. As interesting events happen in my life, or I remember a good story I want to tell you guys about, I will post more personal content.

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