Eye Brow Tips

When it comes to beauty, it’s pretty easy to say that eyebrows are the target of more memes than just about everything else. Most people who notice them either say “eyebrows in fleeeeek” or are totally against filling in a couple of brows (haters, amirite?). I think this stems from the few girls that post pictures of meme-worthy brows and make other people’s look bad. Love them or hate them, eyebrows are an important feature of the face, and when they are filled in properly they help shape the face and give it structure.
When it comes to filling in my brows, I sometimes get a little bit lazy here and there, but if I want perfect brows I remind myself of the following tips.


1.  When in Doubt Thin Them Out

This is my main motto when it comes to eyebrows. Out of all of these tips, I feel like this one makes one of the biggest difference.
Eyebrows that are too thick and unruly in areas can really take away from the natural/ feminine structure of your face. If that’s the look you dig, ignore this…but I personally don’t do my makeup without grooming and touching up my eyebrows every time (unless I’m in a major rush or back in lazy eyebrow mode).

2. Lighter is Better Than Too Dark

The rule of thumb for eyebrow color-matching is to aim for one or two shades lighter than your hair color unless your hair is really light, in which case you should aim for one or two shades darker than your hair color. Too light is still better than too dark in most cases when it comes to brows. This is especially true if you are a makeup artist, and are working on a client that rarely wears makeup. If the eyebrows are too dark they can look unnatural and overwhelm your other features. I think all of us are guilty of using the “wrong” eyebrow color from time to time, partly due to personal preference for different tones and such.

3. Fancy Products Aren’t Essential

A suitable eyeshadow shade in a good formula will get the job done. Don’t over think it too much, and definitely don’t break your bank over your eye brows.

4. Do Your Brows First & Clean Around Them Before Moving On

This one is a little bit weird, but I really like how my brows come out using this method. In my order of application for makeup, the brows come first. After I am done filling in my brows I go around the skin just outside my brows with a q-tip just to clean up any possible messy areas. You could clean things up with concealer if you did the rest of your face first but logically that doesn’t make sense to me. Why cover something up that you could just take away to begin with?

5. Highlight Your Brow Bone

When it comes to highlighting my brow bone I always use a matte cream or vanilla shade first beneath the entire brow. I then go back in with a tiny bit of a frosty shade mixed with the matte shade (just to tone it down) and put it right below the arch of the brow.

Favorite Products:

I have used more products than I can recall for filling in my brows. My favorite ways have been with MAC Shadows, Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow, and Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder.
For hair colors close to mine I would suggest MAC eyeshadow in Kid (if you can still find this color because it’s discontinued but still in stock in some stores), or wedge.
When my hair was a bit darker I was using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow in Soft Brown.
Lately, I’ve been playing around with the Anastasia Brow Powders because I bought the pro palette for my freelance kit. I love using the shade Taupe for super soft natural brows.

Let Me Know Your Brow Techniques!

These are techniques I use on the daily, but I want to hear from you! Let me know if you try any of these tips, what you think of them if you do, and what brow techniques you use!


Valentine's Day Snacks
Let’s not lie to ourselves: tons of people procrastinate Valentine’s Day. Some people choose not to celebrate it at all. I say you do you, whatever that may mean for you. This year my boyfriend and I are kinda doing two different celebrations and I’m kind of using the blog as an excuse for that!
This first post is an idea for a last minute (but still incredibly thoughtful and fun) Valentine’s Day.
I actually thought of this with intentions of it being for Galentine’s Day. However, I have no female friends that I could contact on such short notice, thus Keegan volunteered as tribute. Such a trooper, I swear.<3

The Break Down

For our Valentine’s Day date night-in we kept it pretty simple. We also tried to keep it fairly healthy because we haven’t been exactly eating the best.
We got take out for dinner and ate while watching a movie and joking around.
After that we did DIY Facials with avacado, coconut oil, and egg whites. This turned out way more messy than I had anticipated, thus the lack of photos. 😛
I also put out snacks for us which included Cabot White Oak Cheese and mixed fruit. For a drink, we had some champagne that we mixed with juice. He doesn’t like the taste of alcohol, and I just prefer anything other than wine, and/or champagne I guess.
By this time we switched back to binge watching House for the rest of the night, which we are, regrettably, almost finished! 🙁


Valentine's Day DInner Sushi

Dinner was delicious, however neither of us finished what we ordered. Lots of Sushi means tons of rice, so we got full pretty fast.

More Last Minute Ideas

Still need some last minute inspiration? Here’s some ideas that I think would be fun:

1. Make a Pinterest board of DIY facial recipes and have your guests pick out a few in advance. Quickly pick up the ingredients from the store, along with whatever snacks they would like. Sip Cocktails and do facials.

2. Take your Galentine or Valentine out for a nice Mani/Pedi. This isn’t something I personally would do because I rather do them at home.

3. Make a Pinterest board full of food ideas. Then, either have them pick out a dish and make it for them or pick out a dish together, cook it together, and (most importantly) enjoy it together!

4.  Find a new show to binge on Netflix together for the entire night. Keegan & I would highly recommend Santa Clarita Diet, or House. Santa Clarita Diet sounds like a dumb show, but I assure you that the title is misleading. This new Netflix Original is awesome!

5. If you are in an area where this is an option, go outdoors and play in the snow like kids again! I know in Vermont we are getting more snow than we’ve gotten in years right now. I personally don’t like the cold, but this amount of snow makes everything so much more gorgeous than it already is. The other night we couldn’t resist going outside and enjoying the snow for a bit.

6. My last date night idea is what we have planned for tonight (weather permitting), which is dinner and a movie. Sounds lame and super simple but we prefer to think of it as a time-tested classic. Keegan and I have never been big on gifts. If we want something we get it when we can afford it. We much rather spend time enjoying each other’s company while doing things we find fun.  Fool proof idea: take your Galentine or Valentine to their favorite restaurant and then hit up Fifty Shades Darker!

Share Your Plans With Me!

I love reading comments and checking out other’s blogs. Let me know down below what your Valentine’s Day plans are!
I hope you all have a great Valentine’s Day filled with lots of love,



My most reached for lip products.

My Favorite Formulas

I keep all of my go-to lip products in one organizer on the top of my vanity. These lip products have become my top picks because their formula’s outperform the rest of my collection.
In my opinion, all of these products are more intensely pigmented, and are superior when it comes to comfort; unlike a lot of lip products on the market.
When I first got into makeup I wasn’t the biggest fan of lip products. My lips aren’t my favorite feature of my face, and I definitely spend more time playing up my eyes.
Regardless, now I am addicted to lip products as much as (if not more than) the next girl.
This isn’t my entire lip product collection by any means, but these are the products that I reach for the most often simply because I enjoy their formulas.

Swatches Of My MAC Lipsticks

My MAC Lipstick Collection

Colors From Left to Right: Smoked Purple (Matte), Verve (Satin), Stone (Matte), Whirl (Matte), Velvet Teddy (Matte), Twig (Satin), “O” (Frost), Mehr (Matte), Amorous (Satin), Faux (Satin).

When it comes to lipsticks, MAC is on a pedestal in my book. They have so many different finishes and a multitude of shades from which you can choose.
I love MAC lipsticks so much that I fully intend to build a custom lip palette for my freelance kit rather soon.
Also, the price point of $17 isn’t too steep compared to a lot of other high-end brands.

Favorite MAC Shades

Faux and Amorous are hands down my two favorite MAC lipsticks ever. If I travel anywhere these two shades are brought along by default.

Swatches Of My Bite Beauty Lipsticks

My Bite Beauty Lipstick Collection.

Colors From Left To Right: Mimosa, Raddish, Sorbet, Honeycomb, Eggplant.

Bite Beauty creates their lipsticks out of food grade ingredients, and the quality and color pay off is impeccable. The first two shades are minis that I own.

Favorite Bite Beauty Shades

Both Honeycomb and Eggplant are lipsticks that I wear a lot. 

Swatches Of My Lip Glosses

My Lip Gloss Collection

Colors From Left To Right: NYX Creme Brulee Butter Gloss, Maybelline Glistening Amber Color Elixir, Maybelline Nude Illusion Color Elixir, Laura Mercier Bare Baby Gloss, Buxom Pink Lady Gloss, Marc Jacobs Love Buzz Enamored High Shine Gloss.

To be completely honest I don’t often wear lip gloss at all. However, these formulas are tried and true if I get the desire.

Top Formula & Most Worn Gloss

I feel kind of bad choosing it because it’s the most expensive gloss pictured, but the Marc Jacobs Enamored High Shine Lip Gloss takes the cake. Many people would cringe at paying $28 per gloss, but the quality is unbeatable. If I wore glosses more often I would certainly buy my go-to colors in this formula.

Swatches Of My Kat Von D Liquid Lips & Random Lip Liners

My Kat Von D Liquid Lips Collection

Swatches From Left To Right: Jordana Rock N Rose Lip Liner, Jordana Tawny Lip Liner, Essence Soft Berry Lip Liner, Kat Von D Exorcism, Kat Von D Lolita, Kat Von D Mother, Kat Von D Lovesick

Lip Liners

Very rarely do I use lip liners and when I do it’s only because at times I am kinda lazy with my lips. I admittedly really need to pick up more lip liners. I have my eyes on quite a few from MAC. Currently, my most used one would be the Jordana Rock N Rose.

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks

I’ve been a chronic lip biter for most of my life and I’ve even put my teeth through my lips more than once during a few clumsy accidents. For this reason I typically go for satin or creme formulas so I don’t accentuate scarring. However, the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks are also a formula that usually cooperate quite nicely despite my lips’ particular needs.

Favorite Kat Von D Shade

A shade I have truly worn to death is Kat Von D Exorcism. This is my boyfriend’s favorite lip color on me, and for that reason it gets worn pretty often. I also love that I can get my top lip to stand out a lot more with this color without having to over line it or do anything crazy; it’s simple and effective as-is. This color can be seen on me in lots of my Instagram pictures.

What are your favorite lip product formulas? Do you have any that you think I should try? Let me know down in the comments!



How I wash my makeup brushes

The Dreaded Makeup Brush Washing

Yeah, we all feel the same way…washing makeup brushes blows. I have yet to find someone who actually enjoys washing their makeup brushes. I have however, met plenty of people who didn’t actually realize they were meant to be washed in the first place!
Washing your makeup brushes is incredibly important. Not only does a lot of bacteria build up, but once your bristles are filled with product and oil, they usually won’t apply product as well either. Has your makeup started to look muddy? Are things not blending the best anymore? Does it feel like your makeup brushes are dragging along your skin?
If you answered yes to these questions than that is probably a good sign that your brushes are in need of a good wash!

What I Use To Wash My Makeup Brushes

What I use to wash my makeup brushes

Artists have their difference preferences when it comes to washing brushes. Some prefer to use baby shampoo, and others prefer the olive oil and dish soap mixture.
Personally, I don’t use either of these methods. I have tried them both, and I don’t like how hard they become to rinse out.
My favorite thing to use has been Palmolive Soft Touch. Usually, I use the original pink one. The one pictured has aloe in it, which really doesn’t matter. The Palmolive isn’t as stiff as baby shampoo, but also isn’t as oily and difficult to rinse out as regular dish soap mixed with oil. There is an added bonus, because it has properties to condition your hands, it will naturally condition your brushes too.

How I Dry My Makeup Brushes

How I dry my makeup brushes

always dry my brushes with the bristles hanging off the edge of my vanity. This is essential to do in order to prevent deforming your makeup brushes. If you wash your makeup brushes, and then let them dry on a completely flat surface, one side of your brushes will become flat too. I usually let my brushes sit out to dry over night.

Where I Buy My Makeup Brushes

I put a lot of value into good makeup brushes. My makeup brushes are my babies. Each one has several purposes, and I really wouldn’t want to live without them. I know first world problems, but it’s true and only because this is my art. For that reason I don’t mind spending money on good brushes. A majority of my brushes are from Sigma. I also have brushes from MAC, BH Cosmetics, Morphe, and Real Techniques. Pictured are brushes I have recently been using on a daily basis.

Let me know down in the comments what your favorite brushes are! Also, what method is your favorite way of washing brushes?
Are you a diligent brush washer, or do you procrastinate? I’m dying to know! ;D



When I created my perfect go-to everyday Z-Palette I made sure I picked a variety of colors that I could do pretty much any look I could ever desire with. If I travel anywhere this is the palette I take.

Row One Swatches

Row 1 Eyeshadow Swatches

From left to right:  MAC Blanc Type, MAC Nylon, MUG Shimma Shimma, MAC Jest, MAC All That Glitters, MAC Expensive Pink,  MAC Woodwinked.

Row Two Swatches

Row Two Swatches

From left to right: MAC Kid, MAC Omega, MAC Wedge, Mac Espresso, MAC Swiss Chocolate, MAC Deep Damson, MAC Cranberry.

Row Three Swatches

Row 3 Swatches

From left to right: MUG Peach Smoothie, MUG Creme Brulee, MUG Frappe, MUG Cocoa Bear, MUG Pretentious, MUG Ritzy, MAC Fig 1.

Row Four Swatches

Row Four Swatches

From left to right: MUG Desert Sands, MUG Preppy, MAC Passionate, MUG Cupcake, MUG In The Spotlight (foiled), MUG Mesmerized (foiled).

Final Thoughts

Overall, this palette gets a lot of use. I love all of the shades in here. I enjoy mixing and matching them in a variety of ways. Although, it should be noted though that MAC Blanc Type, and MAC Kid were both discontinued. However, some stores may still have them in stock. I was able to get my hands on a back up of Blanc Type.

One of my favorite super fun color combo in this palette is pairing a tiny bit of MAC passionate blown out gently in the upper crease, and then MUG Ritzy on the lid. I use a mixture of other matte shades to darken up the crease area as well. Highlight the inner corner with either Nylon or Shimma Shimma. Throw on some winged liner, lashes, and it’s good to go.

Lets have a little vote in the comments which formula do you guys prefer the most? MAC or MUG? Also, if you have a Z- Palette blog post link it in the comments and I’ll check it out! 🙂