I think almost every girl will recognize this vanity style. The Ikea Alex Drawers with a white table top laid on top. This set up has been used by many for years, and for good reason. However, there is also another side to this vanity that I don’t think gets mentioned.

Mini Cons

First off if you aren’t familiar with  putting together Ikea furniture, the instructions have absolutely no words. I like words. So I suggest that if you are going to buy this vanity you follow along with a Youtube video while setting it up.
I’m going to get right to the small pet peeve I have about this vanity, so we can leave off on the positives. Which is that the drawers almost never stay lined up with the top. I constantly have to adjust things and the drawers are heavy so it’s not exactly easy. My vanity is almost always off in at least one spot. This is even using the non slip things Ikea included to try to prevent that from happening. In my opinion, still not a good enough reason to pass this vanity up.


Nonetheless, I am in love with my vanity and I think this is an affordable option for a girl who wants a lot of storage. It’s sleek and simple as well so you can dress it up to fit your style.
Another reason I went with this design is because you can easily replace the top if it gets stained. Makeup is messy & white things stain, this is just how the world works. I will say, that most of the time I can get almost anything to come off of it…tinted tanning lotion being the only exception -.-


My favorite aspect about this vanity, next to it just being set up perfectly for makeup storage, is that I know if I get sick of the way it looks now I can easily change it completely by switching up the decor I use on, and around it.
I shop for any decorations at craft stores, at least usually. I always end up there with my family anyway, and that’s always where I find unique things that catch my eye. Although, I’m thinking T.J. Maxx will also be a future decor stop for me! ;D

Let me see your vanity! If you have a blog posts or a picture posted somewhere feel free to post it in the comments and I’ll check it out! Also, a new makeup look will be coming soon! 🙂


Foundation Review

Hey! There’s a lot of new things coming out in the world lately huh? Different foundations, brow products, and mobile games *cough* Pokemon Go *Cough*. I’m not sure if anyone else has started playing this game, but I think it is going to be incorporated into my regular exercising routine. I am really enjoying it, but I am more of a nerd than people realize (though I don’t think being a nerd is a bad thing by any means). Anyway, onto the review!

I debated back and forth if I wanted to write this post, because disclaimer…it isn’t the most positive review ever, but it’s super honest. I figured I would post my two cents because a lot of people have been trying to get their hands on this foundation. But let me know if you guys prefer not to see negative reviews! I don’t want to come off rude, and if people don’t enjoy them I could just not post about bad products at all. It’s ultimately up to you guys!

I got the second to lightest shade, which is called Creamy Natural. The color is a really nice match, so there’s no problems there. However, this foundation just does not work well with my skin. It says on the bottle that it’s for normal to dry skin, and I’m typically a very dry skinned girl,  but still this foundation just felt oily and slippery to me. I even tried using different primers underneath. Radiant primers are out completely when it comes to this foundation.

Even when using mattifying primers this foundation still slid around, felt greasy, and creased. I tried powdering throughout the day, but that just caused it to look splotchy. I really wanted to love this foundation because it’s gorgeous when first applied. It also has SPF 15 which is a good bonus during the summertime.

I’m not giving up on this foundation quite yet, I’m simply putting it on the back burner until winter when I think it may be more suitable with the temperature.

Have you guys tried this foundation? Did you have any issues with the formulation being too oily? Let me know down in the comments what your experience was, or if you plan to pick this up in the winter months to give it a try.

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OGX Hair Products

Bit Of Back Story

Sometime shortly after my last makeup look post I dyed my hair a super dark espresso brown. I genuinely did not like the way super dark hair looked on me. Disliking my own hair really made me feel so uninspired when it came to makeup looks.  I waited a while before doing anything to my hair again for the sake of not damaging it more than need be, but also to give it time to see if the dark hair would grow on me.

This past weekend I celebrated my best friend’s birthday with her. We decided to play around with our hair again. I decided to bleach my hair to get it light enough to dye it back to my natural light brown color.

I purchased some new hair-care products in order to keep my hair healthy after bleaching. I still need to dye my hair one last time to make the color even all over as well so I know more damage is in the near future. I had never bleached my hair before so I was super nervous. My hair was straw at first, but so far these hair-care products have actually helped a lot!

Ion Moisture Solutions Miracle Leave-In Condition ($6-8)

I am loving this leave in conditioner so much. In fact I believe this is what is helping my hair the most right now. Plus, at Sally’s Beauty Supply this bad boy is currently on sale! Oh & it also has a Piña Colada scent.

Mystic Divine Nourishing Masque ($10)

I have only used this masque one time, but so far I do think it gave me some moisture back. The smell isn’t anything special, nor is it awful. I’m excited to keep using this product to see what kind of results I get.

OGX Thick & Full Biotin & Collagen Shampoo ($8)

My best friend pretty much swears by OGX hair products. She always uses the coconut shampoo and conditioner, and she has gorgeous hair. I figured I would try out some of their products seeing how I am always threatening to steal my besties hair….I mean I would if it wasn’t so creepy. ;P I figured this was the closest I could get to stealing her hair… Seeing how I just bleached my hair I decided to try the Biotin & Collagen line in hopes that it would strengthen my hair. So far I absolutely love it.

OGX Thick & Full Biotin & Collagen Conditioner ($8)

Who doesn’t buy the matching conditioner to the shampoo? Anyway, the next line I plan to try from OGX is the bamboo collection. The bamboo shampoo and conditioner were out of stock when I went shopping. Though now that I know OGX is sold online at Ulta you best bet I will be buying my shampoo and conditioner online now…unless I procrastinate buying it and run out without realizing it…Which happens more than it should. 😛

After this whole hair situation I am curious as to what others have done to their hair. Either comment down below or tweet me the craziest thing you have ever done to your hair. Did you love it? Hate it? Did you end up bleaching your hair to the point that it all fell out? Tell me it all! 🙂

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Favorite Drugstore Foundations

Foundation can make or break any makeup look. A bad foundation, or a noticeably wrong shade can detract attention from the more focal points of your desired look. Finding a great quality drugstore foundation isn’t always the easiest task. However, almost all of my favorite foundations are from the drugstore.

A Tad Bit About My Complexion

On the daily I prefer my face to look dewy and glowy. I also like a medium to full coverage, but sometimes I will opt for a more sheer formula. I’m lucky in the sense that I don’t have much acne that I need to cover. Although, because I am pale I still have freckles and veins that need covering. To my boyfriend’s disappointment; I’m not fond of the idea of “embracing my freckles”. I love freckles on other people, but I prefer to cover my own. 🙂 I also have dry skin. I hope this rough idea of the canvas these foundations are being used on will allow you to determine if they would work for you as well.

L’Oreal True Match Lumi Cushion Foundation ($16.99)

My favorite foundation on the more lightweight sheer side would have to be the L’Oréal True Match Lumi Cushion Foundation. This foundation can be built up for more coverage if you really want it. Without being built up, this cushion foundation is the perfect for those days when you want to stick to minimal makeup. The finish to this particular foundation is absolutely stunning. The only downside is that the lightest shade is too dark for me personally. I specifically started tanning a tiny bit in order to start wearing this foundation. The shade I wear is in W2.

L’Oreal True Match Lumi Liquid Foundation ($12.99)

This next foundation is the one I have been using for the longest. Loreal True Match Lumi Liquid Foundation is an oldie but a goodie. This foundation is much different from the Lumi Cushion foundation even though they are from the same brand and line. The Lumi Liquid has a different feel to it and it also provides more coverage. I’ve been using this foundation for longer than I can remember; it gives such a great dewy finish to the skin without going overboard. I wear this foundation in the shade W1-2.

Maybelline Fit Me Matte & Poreless Foundation ($7.99)

The last foundation I’m mentioning is the most recently discovered favorite, and to be honest I didn’t expect to love it as much as I do when I picked it up. The foundation I am talking about is the Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless Foundation. I completely expected to hate this foundation, and I only picked it up because so many people talk about it. Usually I don’t like matte foundations. I’m a dry skinned girl through and through, so if the label doesn’t say dewy I typically pass the product up. I’m so glad I didn’t in this scenario. This product gives so much coverage, it’s not matte to the point of feeling super drying and uncomfortable. It’s just flawless, and it allows other products to blend so smoothly over top of it. If I am going to be out and about for a while I typically wear this foundation because I know it will hold up for hours on end. I could rave about this foundation for forever. Actually, I need to pick up a darker shade for me to wear during the summer. Right now I have the shade 110 Porcelain.

I hope you enjoyed this post and that maybe it helped you a little bit in finding a great foundation from the drugstore. I know this post was requested on my Instagram so I really wanted to get it up for you guys. Let me know what you think of these foundations and if there are any other drugstore foundations worth trying! 🙂

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Essie Gel Setter Top Coat

Little weird fact about me: I am really peculiar when it comes to my hands. I keep my hands super clean and germ-free. For the longest time I wouldn’t paint my nails because I couldn’t stand to have polish on shortly after it finished drying. Now that I am past the nail polish portion of my hand situation, I’ve become obsessed with painting my nails.

A while ago I found, in my opinion, the best top coat EVER.  I purchased the Essie Gel Setter ($10) top coat a couple of months back and have been using it every single time I paint my nails. It makes my nail polish last longer, look better, and it also makes my nails look thicker almost giving the appearance of fake nails. Which I can’t handle fake nails, but my own nails are on the thin side, so I appreciate this effect.

Last little tid bit about this top coat is that it applies so easily because it is a thicker gel-like consistency. The consistency of this top coat is one of the main reasons it is the best I have found so far. It just makes such a difference in how my nails look in person.

Now I just need to find a perfect matte top coat, give me suggestions if you have any! 🙂 I also want to try other nail products. I find myself intrigued by the brand Ciate. 😉  Oh, and please ignore how my nails currently look..I cut them a wee bit short. 😛

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