T.J. Maxx Beauty Haul

Shopping hasn’t been something I’ve been doing much of lately. So, when my mother and sister asked me if I wanted to join them of course I said yes. They browsed other portions of the store a majority of the time while I geeked out entirely in the beauty section.

T.J. Maxx is a great place to find killer beauty steals on products that you might not normally decide to spend a ‘pretty penny’ on. My local T.J. Maxx was stocked fairly well for being in such a small area, and for this reason I can only imagine what pops up in better locations!

Clarifying Peppermint Cocoa Sheet Masks ($6)

I saw the box to these clarifying peppermint masks and knew I had to get them. My skin has been more troubled lately, so I am hoping these may actually help! These masks are by the brand Creme Shop and they appear to be cruelty free as well!

Revive Anti -Aging Sheet Masks ($5)

Anti – Aging is never a bad thing, and I had already tried a different type of mask from this brand and loved them. So I figured I would give this one a go! I also just like having a decent stock of masks to use whenever I feel inclined.

Bliss The Youth Anti -Aging Eye Cream ($12)

This product I’m rather excited to see how it compares to other eye creams.  Finding an eye cream, that is not from the drugstore, at this price point is not something I could not pass up. Though, I am still thoroughly addicted to a completely different eye cream that I have mentioned in the past.

Bliss Daily Detoxifying Facial Toner ($6)

I’m a sucker for matching things. Bad habit. I had to stop myself after this product because otherwise everything was going to be from Bliss. However, I did really need a new facial toner so this was perfect!

Stila Got Inked Cushion Eye Liner ($3)

This product originally retails for 28$ at Sephora. I was able to find it in the shade Amethyst Ink, which is dark purple color. If I end up liking this formula enough I may go back and see if T.J. Maxx  has the other colors still. So you may be seeing Amethyst Ink featured in a look soon!

I love seeing other people’s T.J. Maxx Beauty Hauls as well so feel free to comment or link yours, if you have one, for me to check out down below! 🙂


OGX Hair Products

Bit Of Back Story

Sometime shortly after my last makeup look post I dyed my hair a super dark espresso brown. I genuinely did not like the way super dark hair looked on me. Disliking my own hair really made me feel so uninspired when it came to makeup looks.  I waited a while before doing anything to my hair again for the sake of not damaging it more than need be, but also to give it time to see if the dark hair would grow on me.

This past weekend I celebrated my best friend’s birthday with her. We decided to play around with our hair again. I decided to bleach my hair to get it light enough to dye it back to my natural light brown color.

I purchased some new hair-care products in order to keep my hair healthy after bleaching. I still need to dye my hair one last time to make the color even all over as well so I know more damage is in the near future. I had never bleached my hair before so I was super nervous. My hair was straw at first, but so far these hair-care products have actually helped a lot!

Ion Moisture Solutions Miracle Leave-In Condition ($6-8)

I am loving this leave in conditioner so much. In fact I believe this is what is helping my hair the most right now. Plus, at Sally’s Beauty Supply this bad boy is currently on sale! Oh & it also has a Piña Colada scent.

Mystic Divine Nourishing Masque ($10)

I have only used this masque one time, but so far I do think it gave me some moisture back. The smell isn’t anything special, nor is it awful. I’m excited to keep using this product to see what kind of results I get.

OGX Thick & Full Biotin & Collagen Shampoo ($8)

My best friend pretty much swears by OGX hair products. She always uses the coconut shampoo and conditioner, and she has gorgeous hair. I figured I would try out some of their products seeing how I am always threatening to steal my besties hair….I mean I would if it wasn’t so creepy. ;P I figured this was the closest I could get to stealing her hair… Seeing how I just bleached my hair I decided to try the Biotin & Collagen line in hopes that it would strengthen my hair. So far I absolutely love it.

OGX Thick & Full Biotin & Collagen Conditioner ($8)

Who doesn’t buy the matching conditioner to the shampoo? Anyway, the next line I plan to try from OGX is the bamboo collection. The bamboo shampoo and conditioner were out of stock when I went shopping. Though now that I know OGX is sold online at Ulta you best bet I will be buying my shampoo and conditioner online now…unless I procrastinate buying it and run out without realizing it…Which happens more than it should. 😛

After this whole hair situation I am curious as to what others have done to their hair. Either comment down below or tweet me the craziest thing you have ever done to your hair. Did you love it? Hate it? Did you end up bleaching your hair to the point that it all fell out? Tell me it all! 🙂

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Initial Thoughts

Let me start this post by saying that I will try to keep my Jaclyn Hill gushing in check. Though I do adore Jaclyn Hill completely. When it was announced, that the collaboration between Jaclyn Hill and Becca Cosmetics would be expanded, I was like a little girl on Christmas morning. I couldn’t wait to see sneak peeks of the new products.

In my mind, “expanding the collection” meant that they would release Champagne Pop in liquid, and poured form. I didn’t really think about new products being released. This meant I was even more ecstatic when pictures started float around Instagram.

What I Purchased From The Collection

I only ended up getting the face palette ($52) for right now because it appeared to be the focal point of this collection. The eyeshadow palette is gorgeous but I didn’t feel like I absolutely needed it in my life because Jaclyn did say that she really only created one of the five shades. I’m pretty sure that the liquid and poured versions of Champagne pop are going to be permanent, so I don’t feel rushed to pick those up quite yet either (buying a new car means a bit tighter budgeting :P).

Jaclyn HIll Becca Collab

When I got the face palette in my hands I was astonished by the beauty. This palette is absolutely gorgeous in pictures, but it is even more luxurious and glamorous in person. & I must say that Prosecco Pop is now my all time favorite highlighter. This is the highlighter I have been DREAMING of. I pray that they make it permanent… because I see myself hitting pan on it all too quickly!


Jaclyn Hilll Becca Collab

Final Thoughts

The selection of colors in this palette is wonderful, and they combine nicely for a variety of looks. I know I am going to get so much use out of this palette, and more than just in the summer months.

Okay okay, enough of my gushing. I’m being 10000% real when I say that I am BLOWN away by this palette. If you can afford to, I suggest you plan on picking this bad boy up when it is back in stock online and in stores. Once this palette is sold out it is supposed to be gone forever! I really believe that this palette is just too gorgeous and perfect to pass up.

Jaclyn’s palette is supposed to restock online at Sephora and hit Sephora stores June 16th. Mark your calendars ladies!

Did you pick anything up from the Becca X Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection? If you did let me know down in the comments what your first impressions were.

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Sephora Spring VIB Haul

Sephora sales don’t happen often but when they do we all go crazy. Whether you are enjoying the sale, or living vicariously through others by seeing their hauls, it’s a magical time. Going into the sale I knew I wanted to focus on skin care and lip products. I’m so ready to start wearing summer lip colors! Who’s with me? 🙂

What I Got

Orgins Best Sellers Set ($42.00) : I got this set because I love the GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream, and I had planned to buy it alone, but the set includes a full size of the eye cream along with a ton of other products to try. This set was only $12.00 more than buying the eye cream alone. Products included – GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream, High Potency Night-A-Mins, Original Skin Serum, Clear Improvement Mask, Checks and Balances Face Wash, and GinZing Moisturizer. As far as I can see this set is sold out and has been removed from the Sephora website.  I linked all of the products included for convenience. 🙂

Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer ($28.00) : This has become a holy grail for so many people so I decided to give it a try! Shade Fair Neutral.

Urban Decay Afterglow 8-Hour Powder Highlighter ($26.00) :  This is a new product from Urban Decay and because of the price I figured I would test it out! $26 is lower on the price scale for a high-end highlighter. Now just to see how the quality is. 🙂 Shade Aura.

Buxom Full-On Lip Cream ($20.00) : Shade Pink Lady. Perfect color for this summer!

Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipsticks ($26.00) – These new lipsticks from Bite Beauty are all the rage right now. Of course I had to pick up a few colors! The colors were HARD to choose between. I tried not to get all nudes. I got the shades Eggplant, Sorbet, and Honeycomb. Okay, so I allowed myself one nude. ;P Oh I can’t forget to mention that these lipsticks smell absolutely incredible!

* All prices above are before the sale discount has been deducted.


Swatches of Bite Amuse Bouche lipsticks, Buxom  full on lip cream, and Urban Decay Highlighter

From left to right: Urban Decay highlight in Aura, Buxom lip gloss in Pink Lady, and three Bite Beauty lipsticks in Honeycomb, Eggplant, and Sorbet. Sorbet is a bit more bright when applied to the lips.

I’m going to play around with these products more, who knows maybe some of these products will make it into a future favorites post! We shall see! If you participated in the sale let me know what you got down in the comments!
Talk to you soon Lovebirds,
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eyelashes 1

When it comes to makeup…Almost nothing makes my heart flutter quite like a new pair of lashes. Lashes can transform any look within minutes. I will admit tho…Since I started wearing lashes I haven’t stopped. If I do my makeup, there will be a set of falsies on my eyeballs.

What I Wear

For a regular day, where I’m not doing anything special, I will typically wear Ardell lashes in the style Demi Wispies. I also really love lashes from House of Lashes. House of Lashes may seem a bit pricey at first but their lashes are such good quality you can get many wears out of them.

Time for Something New

Lately, I’ve been getting kind of tired wearing the same style lashes that I own, so I figured I would buy some new ones! I decided to go with KOKO lashes. The lashes I picked are pretty dramatic but KOKO, along with the other brands mentioned, all have multiple styles.

False Eyelashes by KOKO

Out of the three I think I am most excited for Bella!

False Eyelashes By KOKO

I am getting so much inspiration from these lashes right now! Gah! Be prepared to see some knock out looks with these babies on! ;D

False Eyelashes BY KOKO

These lashes I am kinda iffy about at the moment. However, they very well could be the type of lashes that blow me away when I put them on. The band will for sure need some trimming.

False Eyelashes By KOKO

Okay, so there was something about these lashes when I saw them on Lady Moss…that just spoke to me. I am madly in love with these Bella lashes and I haven’t even worn them yet. I will update if I end up hating these lashes, but right now they are screaming my name.

I hope everyone liked this short little post! I am trying to let my personality come out more and blossom. I feel like I am finally getting the hang of this whole blogging thing. I’m really enjoying myself and I hope those that are reading my post are too. 🙂

Cya, Lovebirds<3
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