I think almost every girl will recognize this vanity style. The Ikea Alex Drawers with a white table top laid on top. This set up has been used by many for years, and for good reason. However, there is also another side to this vanity that I don’t think gets mentioned.

Mini Cons

First off if you aren’t familiar with  putting together Ikea furniture, the instructions have absolutely no words. I like words. So I suggest that if you are going to buy this vanity you follow along with a Youtube video while setting it up.
I’m going to get right to the small pet peeve I have about this vanity, so we can leave off on the positives. Which is that the drawers almost never stay lined up with the top. I constantly have to adjust things and the drawers are heavy so it’s not exactly easy. My vanity is almost always off in at least one spot. This is even using the non slip things Ikea included to try to prevent that from happening. In my opinion, still not a good enough reason to pass this vanity up.


Nonetheless, I am in love with my vanity and I think this is an affordable option for a girl who wants a lot of storage. It’s sleek and simple as well so you can dress it up to fit your style.
Another reason I went with this design is because you can easily replace the top if it gets stained. Makeup is messy & white things stain, this is just how the world works. I will say, that most of the time I can get almost anything to come off of it…tinted tanning lotion being the only exception -.-


My favorite aspect about this vanity, next to it just being set up perfectly for makeup storage, is that I know if I get sick of the way it looks now I can easily change it completely by switching up the decor I use on, and around it.
I shop for any decorations at craft stores, at least usually. I always end up there with my family anyway, and that’s always where I find unique things that catch my eye. Although, I’m thinking T.J. Maxx will also be a future decor stop for me! ;D

Let me see your vanity! If you have a blog posts or a picture posted somewhere feel free to post it in the comments and I’ll check it out! Also, a new makeup look will be coming soon! 🙂



When it comes to makeup there isn’t anything I like quite more than a good highlighter. Highlighters are my favorite products to buy and test out. There is nothing more satisfying than putting on a highlight for the first time and being blown away. I like to shine to the high heavens, give me a highlighter and I will be determined to make my cheek bones beam like nothing before.

I have many highlighters in my collection, but it feels like I never have enough. I like to highlight my cheek bones, my nose, my chin, my cupids bow, and sometimes even the center of my forehead. I’m very dry skinned so I can highlight all over the place without looking too oily…and I totally take advantage of this fact.

My Powder Highlighters

High End Highlighters

My Cream & Liquid Highlighters

Makeup Highlighters

Drug Store Highlighters


I won’t say which highlights are my favorites because to be honest they’re all like my children, and good parents don’t pick favorites….Unless you’re my mother, her favorite is my brother Jake. 😛 Back on topic! Formula wise, I prefer powder highlighters over cream any day of the week. Powders are just so much faster and easier to work with. The only time I prefer a cream over a powder is when it comes to highlighting my cupids bow. My cupids bow can look a little funky with a powder highlighter.

I don’t think I will ever have too many highlighters, and actually I just bought Jaclyn Hill’s new highlighter/blush palette that she created with Becca Cosmetics. It should be coming in the mail soon, so maybe I will do a mini review on it! 🙂

I hope you guys didn’t mind my little disappearance! Life came up, and I’ve been very busy dealing with fraudulent charges on my banking account, buying a new car, and a few other life events. Everything ended up working out totally fine, it was just very time-consuming. 😛 I will have another post up soon! 😀

Let me know if you are excited to see another piece of my makeup collection,
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Makeup Inspiration - Electric Green Smokey Eye

This makeup inspirational post was inspired by all of the colors everywhere, that caused me to just wanted color all over my face. I wanted a look that just popped, and stood out. Smokey and electric, this green eye look goes amazingly well with Bite Beauty’s Amuse Bouche lipstick in the shade Eggplant. I’m digging these colors together. There is something so fun about wearing two different statement colors at one time.

I keep the bright green very low on my lid because I didn’t want it to be overboard with the lip color I knew I would be using. I also used a darker almost blackened green on the outer v of the eyes. The bright green is the Makeup Forever Artist Eyeshadow in the shade Acidic Green, and the darker green is the shade Fir Tree Green.

Just as a bit of a note I will let you guys know that this lip color is not showing up true to color in these pictures, nor did it in my Sephora VIB Haul. No matter what settings I used on my camera nothing showed the color accurately. In my opinion it is much more purple toned that what is showing up here. I’m madly in love with this shade though and the formula is heaven!

Makeup Inspiration - Electric Green Smokey Eye

In this open eye shot you can see that I went a bit dramatic on the lower lash-line. I really wanted to bring some darkness down there. This is a good trick to use when you are using bright colors on the upper lid. You don’t have to make it as dramatic as I have here, do what you are comfortable with. To achieve such darkness I used the Ardency Inn Modster Eyeliner in the Shade Black. This eyeliner is the best eyeliner for the waterline ever! I also smudged Makeup Forever Artist Shadow in the shade Fir Tree Green on the lower lash line as well.

With this eye look I decided to wear House of Lashes lashes in the style Siren.

For my cheeks I bronzed up my skin using the Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil Bronzer. For blush I used a MAC blush in the shade Plum Foolery. To highlight I used the new Urban Decay Afterglow Powder Highlight in the shade Aura.

I dare all of you to embrace color and start wearing it while you are out and about! If you decide to recreate this look, or use some fun colors this spring, take some pictures, and tag me in them on Instagram so I can check them out!

Let me know what you think about wearing colors down in the comments, 🙂

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Happy Easter!

Hiya! I know Easter is still a few days away but I wanted to get this post up beforehand. 🙂

This is a look I did today that really reminded me of Easter, and all of the wonderful springy colors that I love. Pops of color on holidays are something that I think makes a fun change. Plus, even if you are going to a fancy place for Easter you will most likely be with family, why not use a bit of color? I would just suggest not to go too over the top.

If your family isn’t crazy about makeup or color…well you could always use this time to REBEL…or just sneak a bit of color on your lower lash line ;P  I’m just kidding. Do what makes you comfortable, and what makes you feel beautiful, and special. I’m very fortunate to have a family, boyfriend, and friends that all understand and accept my addiction to makeup. Yet, we live in a world that not everyone is as accepting. 🙁

My Easter Plans

Before I show my look, I figured I would talk a bit about my plans for Easter first. I’m actually pretty excited this year. When I was younger I was totally all about the baskets, and the candy. This year I’m excited to see some of my siblings, hangout, and eat lots of amazing food!

I have a large family, and there are some huge age gaps between some of my siblings and I. For this reason I won’t be spending the holiday with all of my siblings; some of them have their own children to spend Easter with. Though I will be going to a really nice brunch with a lot of fantastic people. My boyfriend, mom, nephew, and two of my sisters will be attending a brunch at a fancy shmancy local restaurant.

My family usually does holidays at home, but for some reason we didn’t feel like cooking and cleaning up afterwards. By going to a brunch this wont be an issue. Another positive about this brunch is that the restaurant we will be going to only uses local ingredients. Being a girl who really recognizes our impacts on the environment, this means a lot to me, and I really do wish there were even more restaurants like this.

Easter Look

easter 2.5

Please ignore the bit of skin texture I’ve got going on. I’m a bit dehydrated and my skin is really showing it off today. I need to start pounding the water bad!

I really wanted to use lot of Easter/spring colors for this look. I was so inspired when I did my makeup this morning, and I was super happy with how the look turned out. My boyfriend and mother were also really big fans.

Quick Eye Steps:


  1.  Using a fluffy round crease brush blend Makeup Geek Peach Smoothie into the crease and upper crease. Blend out really well.
  2.  Blend Makeup Geek Cupcake into the crease staying a bit lower. Build up the color a little bit, still blending out really well to get rid of any harsh edges.
  3. Blend out a little bit of MAC Jest on top of the two Makeup Geek shades to give a bit of shimmer and to brighten the look up.
  4. Use Make Up For Ever S908 Mauve and blend this out on the outer corner of your eyes in a triangle type motion. It took a bit to build up the color to what I wanted.
  5. Now switch brushes to a flat shading brush. Apply Make Up For Ever S314 Nile Green on the eyelid. Pack the color on nice and good.
  6. Now switch back to whatever fluffy crease brush you like and blend out the Mauve shade using the shade Make Up For Ever I918 Lavender. You can also use Makeup Geek Cupcake as well if you feel you need it. I went back and forth between the two to blend out the colors till I got the desired look I wanted.
  7. Next, switch to a flat definer brush and smoke out your lower lashline with Makeup Geek Preppy and Cupcake.
  8. Use eyeliner to line your eyes however you wish, along with mascara or falsies, then go about the rest of your makeup! 🙂

Other Products I used:

Lips: Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in the shade Mother. I did end up changing my lip color to a MAC lipstick in the shade Faux later on though…because it is my favorite. 🙂

Lashes: KOKO lashes in the style Foxy.

Highlight: Becca x Jaclyn Hill in the shade Champagne Pop.

Blush: Tarte in the shade Beaming.

Contour: Mac Sculpting Powder in the shade Sculpt.

Brows: Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow in the Shade Soft Brown.

I hope everyone has a great Easter! If you don’t celebrate Easter, I hope you have a great weekend and that this post inspired you to try out some spring colors, because we don’t get too much time to enjoy them. It feels like spring and summer go by so quickly!

Always stay inspired Lovebirds,
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Shop With Me!

One: Tom Ford Sheer Cheek Duo  (Shade Bicoastal)

Gorgeous and eye-catching; these were my immediate thoughts when I saw the Tom Ford Sheer Cheek Duo, it’s coming out in April. If I get anything from Tom Ford’s spring collection it would for be this cheek duo for sure! This duo comes with one blush and one highlighter. Both are colors that I love, especially for spring and summer time! If I don’t end up purchasing this product the reason would be either the cost or because it sold out too quickly. I saw a sneak peek of the Tom Ford collection on Instagram and quickly checked them out. I’ve been super bummed about missing out on the Dior Highlighter, that sold out super quickly. I knew I wanted to know the launch date of this collection so I could hop on it if I wanted anything. Price – $78


Two: Bumble and Bumble Hair Dresser’s Invisible Oil Primer

I’ve been using more and more heat on my hair lately. I have hair that damages pretty easily, and I’m not a fan of my ends getting super dried out after styling my hair. In the past I’ve only used drugstore hair products. I’m wondering if this Bumble & Bumble Oil Primer will protect and improve my hair when styling. I have a new curling wand on the way,  if I pick this product up, I think the two would pair nicely together. Price – $28


Three: Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Luminous Blush  (Shade Foxglove)

Becca products are incredible, I own quite a few, and I love them all. I am super excited about the new luminous blushes. Initially I wanted all of the colors. Though, if I had to pick just one to get I would most likely go with Foxglove. In the description of this product, it is described as the perfect mixture of light and color. I love dewy glowy makeup, so this is right up my alley. Foxglove looks like the perfect date night color; in my opinion. 🙂 Price – $34


Four: Make Up For Ever Glitter  (Shade White Violet 4)

Glitter! I have been curious about the Make Up For Ever glitters for a while now. This has been on my wishlist for a long time. Price – $15


Five: Josie Maran Vibrancy Argan Oil Foundation Fluid

My skin is always super dry, I have to do a lot to keep it looking dewy. This foundation has real argan oil in it which sounds like a treat to me! It’s also supposed to be a medium to full coverage foundation, which is what I tend to prefer. I don’t have any acne that needs covering but I do like to hide my freckles and some scars on my face. I haven’t heard anyone talking about this foundation yet so that makes me even more curious! Price – $45


Six: Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit (Shade Gleam)

Highlighters are one of my favorite makeup items ever. Highlighting makes such a difference to any makeup look. This is such a good value. Four highlighters at this price is a steal! I picked the shade Gleam because I already own a lot of shades that resemble the ones that are in the That Glow palette option. Price – $40

Let me know if you like these kinds of posts or not! I know I enjoy online shopping and seeing what other people want to get! 🙂
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