I’ve never been a gloss-loving girl. Frankly, I hated glosses for a long time. I didn’t see the point in wearing them just to get my hair stuck to my lips. I also have the type of lips that are very finicky to certain products. My lips are super dry, and constantly peal all day, everyday. I exfoliate my lips every night, and before I apply any products.

It wasn’t until I saw Jaclyn Hill mention the Marc Jacobs Enamored Hi-Shine Gloss Lip Lacquer Lipglosses, WOW THAT’S A LONG NAME FOR A LIPGLOSS, that I decided to give gloss one more try. I’m glad I made this decision and picked up a Marc Jacobs lipgloss to test out.

These lipglosses are pretty expensive, at the price of 28$ a piece. Lets discuss some pros and cons. 


  • The packaging is very high quality and would look gorgeous displayed on a vanity. 
  • The gloss itself is super glossy and barely sticky. Personally, I have only felt a slight bit of stick when I press both of my lips completely together, and then open my mouth. 
  • Large range of colors with multiple finishes. 
  • Can be worn alone, on top of lipsticks, liquid lipsticks, or lip liners. 
  • Smells minty but doesn’t burn or tingle on the lips.


  • You will end up wanting more…but with the price it can be kinda hard justifying the purchase of more than one. 

I have a list of other colors I want from this line of lipglosses; but I want to see how often I use this gloss before I get more. I tend to wear lipsticks more than anything else. This particular shade that I have pictured is called Love Buzz. When I saw this in person I knew I had to have it. It is absolutely gorgeous in the tube and even prettier on the lips. 



This is Love Buzz completely alone on my lips. I love how plump and full it makes my small upper lip look! 😀



I picked some of my favorite pinkish shades from my collection to swatch and top with Love Buzz. This will give you an idea of how Love Buzz looks on top of different products. 

SAM_0380 (2)

From left to right: Kat Von D’s Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks in the shades Lovesick and Mother, and MAC lipsticks in the shades Amorous and Faux. For the record Amorous and Faux are my all time favorite lipsticks at the moment. Amorous looks much more cranberry/berry on the lips than it is showing swatched.



Here are the same shades topped with Love Buzz. In the same order from left to right we have: Kat Von D’s Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks in the shades Lovesick and Mother, and MAC lipsticks in Amorous and Faux. The last shade on the very right is Love Buzz.

I really enjoy wearing Love Buzz on it’s own, or topping it over MAC Faux, which is my perfect lip combo at the moment.

If you are the type of girl that REALLY likes gloss or just want a really good one because no other glosses work for you, then I would suggest giving the Marc Jacobs glosses a try. I was genuinely impressed the first time I applied the one I own.  I wear a glossy lip now more than I ever used to and I actually love it! 🙂 

Let me know what you thought about this post down in the comments, or suggest other posts by emailing me!


Cya, Lovebirds!<3

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Spring is coming and so are the fresh faced, rosy looks! As the weather starts to warm up I feel myself getting more excited to start wearing tons of luscious pink hues. Not to mention, the spring/summer makeup collections are already rolling out. Usually, I’m more captivated by fall makeup looks, but not right now! I’m overflowing with excitement for the warm weather! This spring and summer I’m hoping to travel around a bit with the boyfriend. Maybe this year I’ll finally get some color! Or I could always fake it.

In the comments, let me know what your favorite self tanner is and what your spring/summer plans are!

The Products

SAM_0281 I love my custom palettes. I love having all of the colors I gravitate towards in one easy to reach place. These are my favorite palettes in my collection at the moment. The z-palette to the left, is filled with my favorite MAC and Makeup Geek eyeshadows. I plan to do a more in depth post about this palette in the future. I want to switch a few of the colors out first, as I don’t use them as much.

The smaller z-palette to the right has two MAC Cream Color Bases and a Sculpting Powder. The Cream Color Bases are in the shades Pearl and Shell. The Sculpting Powder is in the shade Sculpt. MAC Emphasize will be joining this palette whenever it arrives in the mail. It was out of stock when I placed my last order. Below that is my MAC blush palette.

The brushes featured are a mixture of Sigma and Morphe. The eyeliner pictured is the Ardency Inn Modster eyeliner. This eyeliner is literally God’s gift to anyone that likes REALLY intense black eyeliner in the water line. The travel sized pigment is by MAC in the shade Rose. This pigment is incredibly gorgeous. I don’t use it nearly enough, because pigments in general can be quite messy to work with.

These are some of my favorite go to products, when I want to create the perfect look, especially if I’m in a rush.


The Look

pic 1 (2)These pictures were taken inside with a softbox light that has daylight bulbs. The lighting wasn’t very good outside today. As summer approaches, more and more pictures will be taken outdoors! 🙂 I’m wearing MAC Velvet Teddy on my lips, and my brows are filled in with Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow in the shade Soft Brown.

pic 2 (2)

I love my wings sharp & my cheeks dewy!

pic 3 (1)


pic 4 (1)

The positive side about taking pictures inside today? Everyone gets to meet my bird! Here’s Blueberry. She’s addicted to kisses, cuddles, and singing along to music. The cage in the background is much bigger than what’s visible. She lives like a princess and acts like one too. She doesn’t look the best, right now…she’s molting and needs a bath soon. Blue may show up again in later posts<3

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Ta-ta for now, cya soon lovebirds!<3

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Sometimes less is more; it can be cost effective, easier for beginners, and faster. When it comes to creating the perfect matte eye look, for a night out or a day at school/work, try this perfect combo of shadows.


Mini Review

MAC shadows are quite possibly my favorite, at least so far. They perform spectacularly on the eyes. They come in tons of colors and I love that they are singles; you don’t have to get a palette with shades you won’t use. You can also buy a custom quads as well instead of filling an entire palette; this would be ideal for those who want something simple for everyday wear. This would also be a good way to get a great quality set of basic matte shades to mix with other shadows.

Different Lighting 

On this particular day my boyfriend and I had trouble taking pictures in good lighting. We live in an area were sunlight can be sparse; which can make getting good daylight pictures a challenge. Here are some pictures taken at different angles trying to get the best lighting possible.


Natural daylight pictures will be a learning curve at first. I aim to get the most color accurate pictures, for my makeup looks, as possible. 


Main Products Used

  • The four shadows I used were Blanc Type (MAC), Kid (MAC), Wedge (MAC), and Swiss Chocolate (MAC).
  • Maybelline gel eyeliner in Blackest Black
  • MAC Twig Lipstick
  • House of Lashes in the style “Siren”

How I Achieved This Look

  1. First I took a Sigma E60 large shader brush and Blanc Type I applied this shade from lash line to brow bone. 
  2. Next I took a Morphe E27 round blending brush to apply Kid all in the crease area. 
  3. Then I took a Sigma E40 tapered blending brush to apply Wedge lower in the crease than where I applied Kid. 
  4. Afterwards I took a Morphe M433 brush to apply Swiss Chocolate low and deep into the crease area to give more definition. 
  5. Next I quickly smoked out my lower lash line with Wedge and Swiss chocolate with a small flat definer brush. 
  6. For the last eyeshadow step I took the Sigma E60 and Blanc Type to touch up the lid and brow bone color to brighten them back up. I wanted to keep all of the brown shades mainly in the crease. 
  7. To finish off this eye look I did winged eyeliner and popped on some fairly dramatic lashes. I used House of Lashes in the style “Siren”. Personally, I rarely do makeup without wearing false eyelashes. However, lashes are completely optional with this look, do whatever you are comfortable with! 🙂




Top Left – Blanc Type
Top Right – Wedge
Bottom Left – Kid
Bottom Right – Swiss Chocolate
Lipstick Shown – MAC Twig

I hope you enjoyed this post! As I get used to blogging updates will be made and the quality of my pictures will be much better! This is just the beginning! 🙂 

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