Eye Brow Tips

When it comes to beauty, it’s pretty easy to say that eyebrows are the target of more memes than just about everything else. Most people who notice them either say “eyebrows in fleeeeek” or are totally against filling in a couple of brows (haters, amirite?). I think this stems from the few girls that post pictures of meme-worthy brows and make other people’s look bad. Love them or hate them, eyebrows are an important feature of the face, and when they are filled in properly they help shape the face and give it structure.
When it comes to filling in my brows, I sometimes get a little bit lazy here and there, but if I want perfect brows I remind myself of the following tips.


1.  When in Doubt Thin Them Out

This is my main motto when it comes to eyebrows. Out of all of these tips, I feel like this one makes one of the biggest difference.
Eyebrows that are too thick and unruly in areas can really take away from the natural/ feminine structure of your face. If that’s the look you dig, ignore this…but I personally don’t do my makeup without grooming and touching up my eyebrows every time (unless I’m in a major rush or back in lazy eyebrow mode).

2. Lighter is Better Than Too Dark

The rule of thumb for eyebrow color-matching is to aim for one or two shades lighter than your hair color unless your hair is really light, in which case you should aim for one or two shades darker than your hair color. Too light is still better than too dark in most cases when it comes to brows. This is especially true if you are a makeup artist, and are working on a client that rarely wears makeup. If the eyebrows are too dark they can look unnatural and overwhelm your other features. I think all of us are guilty of using the “wrong” eyebrow color from time to time, partly due to personal preference for different tones and such.

3. Fancy Products Aren’t Essential

A suitable eyeshadow shade in a good formula will get the job done. Don’t over think it too much, and definitely don’t break your bank over your eye brows.

4. Do Your Brows First & Clean Around Them Before Moving On

This one is a little bit weird, but I really like how my brows come out using this method. In my order of application for makeup, the brows come first. After I am done filling in my brows I go around the skin just outside my brows with a q-tip just to clean up any possible messy areas. You could clean things up with concealer if you did the rest of your face first but logically that doesn’t make sense to me. Why cover something up that you could just take away to begin with?

5. Highlight Your Brow Bone

When it comes to highlighting my brow bone I always use a matte cream or vanilla shade first beneath the entire brow. I then go back in with a tiny bit of a frosty shade mixed with the matte shade (just to tone it down) and put it right below the arch of the brow.

Favorite Products:

I have used more products than I can recall for filling in my brows. My favorite ways have been with MAC Shadows, Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow, and Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder.
For hair colors close to mine I would suggest MAC eyeshadow in Kid (if you can still find this color because it’s discontinued but still in stock in some stores), or wedge.
When my hair was a bit darker I was using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow in Soft Brown.
Lately, I’ve been playing around with the Anastasia Brow Powders because I bought the pro palette for my freelance kit. I love using the shade Taupe for super soft natural brows.

Let Me Know Your Brow Techniques!

These are techniques I use on the daily, but I want to hear from you! Let me know if you try any of these tips, what you think of them if you do, and what brow techniques you use!


How I wash my makeup brushes

The Dreaded Makeup Brush Washing

Yeah, we all feel the same way…washing makeup brushes blows. I have yet to find someone who actually enjoys washing their makeup brushes. I have however, met plenty of people who didn’t actually realize they were meant to be washed in the first place!
Washing your makeup brushes is incredibly important. Not only does a lot of bacteria build up, but once your bristles are filled with product and oil, they usually won’t apply product as well either. Has your makeup started to look muddy? Are things not blending the best anymore? Does it feel like your makeup brushes are dragging along your skin?
If you answered yes to these questions than that is probably a good sign that your brushes are in need of a good wash!

What I Use To Wash My Makeup Brushes

What I use to wash my makeup brushes

Artists have their difference preferences when it comes to washing brushes. Some prefer to use baby shampoo, and others prefer the olive oil and dish soap mixture.
Personally, I don’t use either of these methods. I have tried them both, and I don’t like how hard they become to rinse out.
My favorite thing to use has been Palmolive Soft Touch. Usually, I use the original pink one. The one pictured has aloe in it, which really doesn’t matter. The Palmolive isn’t as stiff as baby shampoo, but also isn’t as oily and difficult to rinse out as regular dish soap mixed with oil. There is an added bonus, because it has properties to condition your hands, it will naturally condition your brushes too.

How I Dry My Makeup Brushes

How I dry my makeup brushes

always dry my brushes with the bristles hanging off the edge of my vanity. This is essential to do in order to prevent deforming your makeup brushes. If you wash your makeup brushes, and then let them dry on a completely flat surface, one side of your brushes will become flat too. I usually let my brushes sit out to dry over night.

Where I Buy My Makeup Brushes

I put a lot of value into good makeup brushes. My makeup brushes are my babies. Each one has several purposes, and I really wouldn’t want to live without them. I know first world problems, but it’s true and only because this is my art. For that reason I don’t mind spending money on good brushes. A majority of my brushes are from Sigma. I also have brushes from MAC, BH Cosmetics, Morphe, and Real Techniques. Pictured are brushes I have recently been using on a daily basis.

Let me know down in the comments what your favorite brushes are! Also, what method is your favorite way of washing brushes?
Are you a diligent brush washer, or do you procrastinate? I’m dying to know! ;D



Favorite Drugstore Foundations

Foundation can make or break any makeup look. A bad foundation, or a noticeably wrong shade can detract attention from the more focal points of your desired look. Finding a great quality drugstore foundation isn’t always the easiest task. However, almost all of my favorite foundations are from the drugstore.

A Tad Bit About My Complexion

On the daily I prefer my face to look dewy and glowy. I also like a medium to full coverage, but sometimes I will opt for a more sheer formula. I’m lucky in the sense that I don’t have much acne that I need to cover. Although, because I am pale I still have freckles and veins that need covering. To my boyfriend’s disappointment; I’m not fond of the idea of “embracing my freckles”. I love freckles on other people, but I prefer to cover my own. 🙂 I also have dry skin. I hope this rough idea of the canvas these foundations are being used on will allow you to determine if they would work for you as well.

L’Oreal True Match Lumi Cushion Foundation ($16.99)

My favorite foundation on the more lightweight sheer side would have to be the L’Oréal True Match Lumi Cushion Foundation. This foundation can be built up for more coverage if you really want it. Without being built up, this cushion foundation is the perfect for those days when you want to stick to minimal makeup. The finish to this particular foundation is absolutely stunning. The only downside is that the lightest shade is too dark for me personally. I specifically started tanning a tiny bit in order to start wearing this foundation. The shade I wear is in W2.

L’Oreal True Match Lumi Liquid Foundation ($12.99)

This next foundation is the one I have been using for the longest. Loreal True Match Lumi Liquid Foundation is an oldie but a goodie. This foundation is much different from the Lumi Cushion foundation even though they are from the same brand and line. The Lumi Liquid has a different feel to it and it also provides more coverage. I’ve been using this foundation for longer than I can remember; it gives such a great dewy finish to the skin without going overboard. I wear this foundation in the shade W1-2.

Maybelline Fit Me Matte & Poreless Foundation ($7.99)

The last foundation I’m mentioning is the most recently discovered favorite, and to be honest I didn’t expect to love it as much as I do when I picked it up. The foundation I am talking about is the Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless Foundation. I completely expected to hate this foundation, and I only picked it up because so many people talk about it. Usually I don’t like matte foundations. I’m a dry skinned girl through and through, so if the label doesn’t say dewy I typically pass the product up. I’m so glad I didn’t in this scenario. This product gives so much coverage, it’s not matte to the point of feeling super drying and uncomfortable. It’s just flawless, and it allows other products to blend so smoothly over top of it. If I am going to be out and about for a while I typically wear this foundation because I know it will hold up for hours on end. I could rave about this foundation for forever. Actually, I need to pick up a darker shade for me to wear during the summer. Right now I have the shade 110 Porcelain.

I hope you enjoyed this post and that maybe it helped you a little bit in finding a great foundation from the drugstore. I know this post was requested on my Instagram so I really wanted to get it up for you guys. Let me know what you think of these foundations and if there are any other drugstore foundations worth trying! 🙂

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Morphe Brushes & Sigma Brushes

The best way to up your eye-makeup game is to have a variety of eye brushes. I have tons of eye brushes in all different shapes and sizes to create tons of different effects. Plus there are tons of brands that have affordable eye brushes that are great quality!

Fluffy Crease Brushes

I adore fluffy crease brushes, and my favorite by far is the Morphe E27 ($6.99). This brush is on the bigger side but is so soft and fluffy that it is great for applying a transition shade or really blending shadows out. Another fluffy crease brush that I really enjoy is the Sigma E40, this brush is a bit smaller so I use it a bit lower in the crease.

Deep Crease Brushes

The two brushes I use to get deep into the crease when creating more dramatic looks would be the Morphe M441 ($5.99) and the Sigma E70. I much prefer the Morphe M441 out of these two, and I actually want to buy another one soon because they are super cheap.

Base Color Brush

I use the Sigma E60 every single day to apply a base color on my lids before I go in with any other colors. That base shade is almost always MAC Blanc Type eyeshadow. This brush is so large and flat, and it works better than any other for this purpose.

Packing Color On Lid

This brush technically isn’t an eye brush, but it is my all time favorite brush for packing color onto the eyelid. The brush I am referring to is the Sigma F70, which is “technically” meant for concealer. However, most flat synthetic brushes would be just fine for packing color onto the lid this is just my personal favorite because of the size and shape.

Outer Corner Brush

For the outer corner or outer v of my eyes I typically use the Morphe M433 ($5.00) brush. But…I have a love hate relationship with this brush. As much as I love it I equally hate when I accidentally poke myself in the eye with it…which happens more often than I would like to admit. What can I say I am clumsy and I get easily distracted.

These are my must have brushes that I use on the daily to create all of my eye looks! 🙂 If you have any questions about any of these brushes, feel free to ask!

*Note: The Sigma brushes I own are from the Mr. Bunny collection so all of them have synthetic fibers, buying some of these brushes individually may mean that they have a different type of bristle*

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water is important for your beauty

My number one beauty tip that I give to everyone is to drink as much water as you can a day. Water is essential, not only to your health, but also to how your skin behaves. It is possible to cure a lot of minor skin problems just by drinking a proper amount of water. For a long time I was horrible about drinking water, or just drinking in general. I was almost always dehydrated. Now I drink water like it’s my job.

Super Helpful App

What changed? Well my friend recommended I try the app Plant Nanny. So I did. I’m not sure how popular Plant Nanny is, and I’m not even sure if it is even available to Iphone users, but having a water tracking app in general is a great idea…Plant Nanny is just the one that I’ve become obsessed with! My boyfriend laughs whenever he sees me watering my plants.


plant nanny


The concept behind this app is that every time you finish a bottle of water (or whatever amount in ounces you decide to set up) you get to water your plant. Your plant grows, and eventually you get to move it outside to your garden. Then you can harvest seeds, and plant new plants. If you don’t water your plant… It can die. It makes something as basic as drinking water easier to remember. Especially, because you make it so the app sends alerts that remind you to drink.

Skin Improvements

Since increasing my water intake I have noticed that my skin is more plump. My under eyes are no longer crepey and weird. My foundation applies much smoother. I even have a lot less blackheads.

Choose Water 😉

Yes, we all know that drinking water is common sense and that it is important..however, I don’t know about you but I tend to notice people drinking more coffee, soda, juices, and other drinks over water. Don’t forget to drink water! Your body will thank you. 🙂

Another good way to increase your water intake is to only order water at restaurants.

Let me know if you decide to check out Plant Nanny, and what you think of it!

Sorry For Being MIA

Oh, and on a side note I am sorry I’ve been missing a bit this last week. My college semester is winding down and I have had a lot of assignments. This coming week is my last week of classes, and homework. I am going to try to keep up with posting this week, but if I don’t I will be back in no time! This summer is going to be very exciting for the blog. I will have lots of time to post, and the weather should be much better for outside pictures. I also have a little trip planned that I may end up blogging about as well. Thank you for sticking with me! Stay tuned for more,

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