Viseart 01 Neutral Matte

Like most beauty junkies, I always look forward to trying different eyeshadow formulas out. From the moment I tried Viseart matte shadows out… I was flabbergasted. Viseart is a French brand. Their shadows are created in Paris, there they are hand-milled into perfection. Because of the price I won’t say that everyone should just run out and buy Viseart Palettes but I am going to tell you why I bought them, and why I think some people may want to consider putting the investment into these shadows.

Why I Purchased The Viseart 01 Neutral Matte Palette

At the time that I made my Viseart purchase I didn’t have too many fully matte eyeshadow palettes in my collection. I’m also the type of person that uses matte shadows for every eye look that I do. I like creating depth and shadows by using a variety of matte shades. This palette has all the shades I wanted in incredible quality eyeshadows. I also bought these shadows out of curiosity, I wanted to see if they were really as great as all of the beauty gurus were saying. Which they weren’t kidding one bit!

You May Want To Buy These If….

First off the price point of one Viseart Palette is $80, which is a lot to spend at once for one palette. However, you get a lot of product and the quality is above pretty much everything I have tried. If you are like me, and you use matte shadows every single day, and you are looking for a great matte palette to use in conjunction with other palettes, for your shimmery/metallic shades, this would be a great purchase.

If you are a makeup artist and you are looking for a small convenient matte palette to use on clients that won’t take up much room in your kit, this would be a fantastic purchase. Not to mention if you are a makeup artist, this palette will make blending out shadows on a client faster, and probably a lot easier.

In my opinion, anyone that can afford this palette without it breaking the bank, and is curious about it…Should probably check it out. 🙂

Texture / Formula

Buttery doesn’t even describe this formula well enough. Just one dip of a finger gives the most pigmented swatch imaginable and pigmentation doesn’t compromise the ability to blend these shadows out. Viseart shadows can easily be blended together to make even more shades than what is in the palette. With this formulation the possibilities are absolutely endless.



Forgive me if my swatching skills aren’t up to par yet! 😛 Boy these shadows pack a punch of pigment. My favorite black happens to be in this palette as well. You can blend it out to just get the smokiest effect, or you can have it be the most pigmented blackest black ever.


I know a lot of people sway away from this palette simply because of the packaging. Yes it is a simple black and clear plastic palette, but it is small, compact, and fits perfectly in the palm of the hand. Viseart designed it this way so it would be perfect for professional makeup artists. Plus the quality speaks for itself so the packaging really doesn’t matter to me.

If the packaging makes you iffy about purchasing this palette though, it may be worth passing up because of the price point, being happy with your purchase is important after all. 🙂

I’m in love with both Viseart palettes that I own (another blog post for the other one I own is coming up) but I will admit they don’t get enough attention from me. I plan on using them more in the future, especially when I start doing makeup on friends and family for future blog posts! 😉

If you are interested in picking this palette up you can purchase it on Sephora here.

Hope everyone out there is doing well, and I am sorry for being a bit MIA last week. I’ve been crazy busy and I am still learning to juggle everyday life with blogging. It’s so good to be writing and posting though! 🙂
Stay inspired and encouraged Lovebirds,
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Glowy Face Products

As a dry skinned girl, I prefer my makeup to be very dewy. To get a goddess glow I use a combination of many different products. Creams, primers, highlighters, bronzers, blushes, and setting sprays are all different types of products that can be used in conjunction to create the perfect glow. With summer coming up I figured I would share some of my favorite products that can really make a difference when it comes to adding some light to your face.


Primer is a must have. There are so many different kinds of primers on the market right now. Radiant or luminous primers happen to be my personal favorite. The Laura Mercier Radiance primer is my go to at the moment. At $36 for 1.7 oz, this primer is a bang for the buck when you compare it to the price of others. The Laura Mercier primer has a golden sheen to it which I prefer much more than pink. The only time I do not use this primer is when I need something that will last even longer than the average daily wear. When I want my makeup to last all day long and into the evening I will use the Shiseido Glow Enhancing Primer.

Setting Spray

Mac’s Fix Plus is my ultimate holy grail setting spray. I don’t go without setting my makeup using Mac’s Fix Plus. Fix Plus can be used for multiple purposes, but when it’s used to set makeup everything will look a lot more natural and youthful. It also hydrates the skin, pretty much anyone with dry skin would ABSOLUTELY adore this; just like I do.


Bronzer can give more glow than what you might think. The Too Faced Little Black Book of Bronzers is a great value for many different bronzers. Some are matte and some are shimmery. The best out of them all is Sun Bunny. Sun Bunny’s luminosity is fan-freakin-tastic and it is also the perfect bronzer for the summer.

Liquid Highlight

I use the Becca liquid Shimmering Skin Protectors in a unique way. They do make great cheek highlighters; I like using them under my eyes, in a triangular shape, before I apply my concealer. I find that this brightens up my under eye area a lot. The shade pictured is Opal. Champagne Gold is my favorite shade however it was limited edition and is no longer available. I’m crossing my fingers that they bring it back in a future holiday collection!

Powder Highlight

Becca makes some of the best highlighting products on the market. Becca’s pressed powder highlights can be worn super subtly or dramatic as can be!

Becca Highlighters

I own three shades. The shades from left to right are Moonstone, Champagne Pop, and Rose Gold. Moonstone, and Champagne Pop are both light enough for me to use as actual highlighters. I actually bought Rose Gold specifically so I can use it as a blush topper. On a regular basis I will use Moonstone lightly on my nose, forehead, and chin. Then I will use Champagne Pop on my cheekbones. I will wear Moonstone on my cheek bones on the days where I am wearing less makeup. Champagne Pop and Moonstone can also be mixed together to create a glow that will turn heads.

What are some of your favorite go to glowy products? I know I love buying products for this purpose, so if there is anything out there that you guys want to recommend I try, let me know! 🙂
Keep on glowing all you Lovebirds!

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I’ve never been a gloss-loving girl. Frankly, I hated glosses for a long time. I didn’t see the point in wearing them just to get my hair stuck to my lips. I also have the type of lips that are very finicky to certain products. My lips are super dry, and constantly peal all day, everyday. I exfoliate my lips every night, and before I apply any products.

It wasn’t until I saw Jaclyn Hill mention the Marc Jacobs Enamored Hi-Shine Gloss Lip Lacquer Lipglosses, WOW THAT’S A LONG NAME FOR A LIPGLOSS, that I decided to give gloss one more try. I’m glad I made this decision and picked up a Marc Jacobs lipgloss to test out.

These lipglosses are pretty expensive, at the price of 28$ a piece. Lets discuss some pros and cons. 


  • The packaging is very high quality and would look gorgeous displayed on a vanity. 
  • The gloss itself is super glossy and barely sticky. Personally, I have only felt a slight bit of stick when I press both of my lips completely together, and then open my mouth. 
  • Large range of colors with multiple finishes. 
  • Can be worn alone, on top of lipsticks, liquid lipsticks, or lip liners. 
  • Smells minty but doesn’t burn or tingle on the lips.


  • You will end up wanting more…but with the price it can be kinda hard justifying the purchase of more than one. 

I have a list of other colors I want from this line of lipglosses; but I want to see how often I use this gloss before I get more. I tend to wear lipsticks more than anything else. This particular shade that I have pictured is called Love Buzz. When I saw this in person I knew I had to have it. It is absolutely gorgeous in the tube and even prettier on the lips. 



This is Love Buzz completely alone on my lips. I love how plump and full it makes my small upper lip look! 😀



I picked some of my favorite pinkish shades from my collection to swatch and top with Love Buzz. This will give you an idea of how Love Buzz looks on top of different products. 

SAM_0380 (2)

From left to right: Kat Von D’s Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks in the shades Lovesick and Mother, and MAC lipsticks in the shades Amorous and Faux. For the record Amorous and Faux are my all time favorite lipsticks at the moment. Amorous looks much more cranberry/berry on the lips than it is showing swatched.



Here are the same shades topped with Love Buzz. In the same order from left to right we have: Kat Von D’s Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks in the shades Lovesick and Mother, and MAC lipsticks in Amorous and Faux. The last shade on the very right is Love Buzz.

I really enjoy wearing Love Buzz on it’s own, or topping it over MAC Faux, which is my perfect lip combo at the moment.

If you are the type of girl that REALLY likes gloss or just want a really good one because no other glosses work for you, then I would suggest giving the Marc Jacobs glosses a try. I was genuinely impressed the first time I applied the one I own.  I wear a glossy lip now more than I ever used to and I actually love it! 🙂 

Let me know what you thought about this post down in the comments, or suggest other posts by emailing me!


Cya, Lovebirds!<3

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