Get Fuller Looking Lips, Without A Cup!

I wasn’t gifted with a perfect set of lips, that’s for sure. My upper lip is pretty small, especially in comparison to my bottom lip. Thankfully, I have found a painless method to achieve fuller looking lips while also making my lips look more even. It doesn’t take too many products, which is great! In fact you could substitute the products I used for whatever you already own. I hope you find yourself captivated by my little trick!

Shiz That You Will Need

This method only requires three products. You will need a lipstick (you could use a lip gloss or liquid lipstick instead) a cream highlighter, and a contour powder (a cool toned brown eyeshadow would work just fine). upload

The products in the above image are what I use for this method on a regular basis. I feel kinda bad that all of these products are from MAC… But I have really been on a MAC kick lately. I should ground myself from MAC, that way I can try out the new stuff other brands are coming out with! The products in the above picture are: MAC lipstick in the shade Faux, which is my current ride or die! Cream colour bases in the shades Pearl (yellowish white shade) and Shell (pinky shade). MAC sculpting powder in the shade Sculpt. & the last product is a MAC shaping powder in the shade Emphasize, this product was not used. Pearl was not used in these pictures either but it is gorgeous for this trick.

Step One

picture 1 b

Apply your lipstick in a thinner layer than you normally would. You want a thin layer because you will be going back in with your lipstick in the next step.

Step Two

Picture 2 b

Apply your cream highlight onto your cupids bow, and more than you typically would. Than bring it down the sides of your upper lip. Don’t take it any further than where the rounded portion of your lip ends on each side. Think of it as kinda mimicking drawing the top portion of a heart. This will outline your upper lip, highlighting it, and making it appear larger than what it is. Now apply another layer of your lipstick bringing it up closer to the highlight. This is to blend in whatever highlight may have gotten on top of your lipstick. Now you could stop here, but if you want your lips to look even FULLER, continue onto the next step.

Step Three

picture 3 b

The last step is to contour your bottom lip slightly. To do this simply take a small eye shadow brush and brush a small amount of your contour powder directly where your bottom lip ends. You want to focus the contour powder under the center portion of your bottom lip. You don’t want to go too far to either side because then the shadowing won’t look natural. I usually stop at step two because my bottom lip is already big enough and if I do step three my lips start too look unbalanced again.

Let me know, by either commenting on this post or tweeting me, if you tried this trick. I wanna know how it worked for you! This has been a major part of my makeup routine for a while now. I used to just highlight the center portion of my cupids bow with a powder highlight, but boy what a difference this method makes! 🙂

I hope everyone out there is doing well!
Cya, Lovebirds!

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