Unique Way That I Wash My Makeup Brushes

How I wash my makeup brushes

The Dreaded Makeup Brush Washing

Yeah, we all feel the same way…washing makeup brushes blows. I have yet to find someone who actually enjoys washing their makeup brushes. I have however, met plenty of people who didn’t actually realize they were meant to be washed in the first place!
Washing your makeup brushes is incredibly important. Not only does a lot of bacteria build up, but once your bristles are filled with product and oil, they usually won’t apply product as well either. Has your makeup started to look muddy? Are things not blending the best anymore? Does it feel like your makeup brushes are dragging along your skin?
If you answered yes to these questions than that is probably a good sign that your brushes are in need of a good wash!

What I Use To Wash My Makeup Brushes

What I use to wash my makeup brushes

Artists have their difference preferences when it comes to washing brushes. Some prefer to use baby shampoo, and others prefer the olive oil and dish soap mixture.
Personally, I don’t use either of these methods. I have tried them both, and I don’t like how hard they become to rinse out.
My favorite thing to use has been Palmolive Soft Touch. Usually, I use the original pink one. The one pictured has aloe in it, which really doesn’t matter. The Palmolive isn’t as stiff as baby shampoo, but also isn’t as oily and difficult to rinse out as regular dish soap mixed with oil. There is an added bonus, because it has properties to condition your hands, it will naturally condition your brushes too.

How I Dry My Makeup Brushes

How I dry my makeup brushes

always dry my brushes with the bristles hanging off the edge of my vanity. This is essential to do in order to prevent deforming your makeup brushes. If you wash your makeup brushes, and then let them dry on a completely flat surface, one side of your brushes will become flat too. I usually let my brushes sit out to dry over night.

Where I Buy My Makeup Brushes

I put a lot of value into good makeup brushes. My makeup brushes are my babies. Each one has several purposes, and I really wouldn’t want to live without them. I know first world problems, but it’s true and only because this is my art. For that reason I don’t mind spending money on good brushes. A majority of my brushes are from Sigma. I also have brushes from MAC, BH Cosmetics, Morphe, and Real Techniques. Pictured are brushes I have recently been using on a daily basis.

Let me know down in the comments what your favorite brushes are! Also, what method is your favorite way of washing brushes?
Are you a diligent brush washer, or do you procrastinate? I’m dying to know! ;D


  • Leaving your brushes to dry with the bristles off the edge of a vanity is such a great tip! I always struggle to find a suitable place to dry my brushes, so I’ll be sure to do this from now on. I love Real Techniques brushes, great price and quality xx

    Mae ♥


    • A vanity is also usually kept pretty clean and sanitary too, which is also why it’s my go-to. For example, I would never leave my brushes to dry in a bathroom. That would freak me out because of how much of a germaphobe I am. 🙂
      xx Nichole

  • This post has reminded me that I need to wash my makeup brushes! I leave mine hanging over the edge of my vanity, I find that they dry best like that x


    • I hope your brushes are nice and clean now! 🙂
      xx Nichole

  • Yiotou_La

    I enjoy washing my brushes and I usually do it once a week, I find it so satisfying and having clean brushes to work with is really important.


    • You definitely one of a kind! I agree though that it is insanely satisfying to have clean brushes. They just don’t do the same job otherwise.
      xx Nichole

  • I really need to wash my brushes after this post haha. I try to wash them once a week but I always forget! Have a great week 🙂

    Trishna xx


    • It’s easy to forget! Especially, if you aren’t using your brushes every single day.
      You have a wonderful week as well! 🙂
      xx Nichole

  • I need to wash my brushes haha! This one sounds great because it also has conditioning ingredients 🙂

    Nida | Caked To The Nines

    • It really does work well as a two in one kind of product! 🙂
      xx Nichole