In Love With Lashes!

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When it comes to makeup…Almost nothing makes my heart flutter quite like a new pair of lashes. Lashes can transform any look within minutes. I will admit tho…Since I started wearing lashes I haven’t stopped. If I do my makeup, there will be a set of falsies on my eyeballs.

What I Wear

For a regular day, where I’m not doing anything special, I will typically wear Ardell lashes in the style Demi Wispies. I also really love lashes from House of Lashes. House of Lashes may seem a bit pricey at first but their lashes are such good quality you can get many wears out of them.

Time for Something New

Lately, I’ve been getting kind of tired wearing the same style lashes that I own, so I figured I would buy some new ones! I decided to go with KOKO lashes. The lashes I picked are pretty dramatic but KOKO, along with the other brands mentioned, all have multiple styles.

False Eyelashes by KOKO

Out of the three I think I am most excited for Bella!

False Eyelashes By KOKO

I am getting so much inspiration from these lashes right now! Gah! Be prepared to see some knock out looks with these babies on! ;D

False Eyelashes BY KOKO

These lashes I am kinda iffy about at the moment. However, they very well could be the type of lashes that blow me away when I put them on. The band will for sure need some trimming.

False Eyelashes By KOKO

Okay, so there was something about these lashes when I saw them on Lady Moss…that just spoke to me. I am madly in love with these Bella lashes and I haven’t even worn them yet. I will update if I end up hating these lashes, but right now they are screaming my name.

I hope everyone liked this short little post! I am trying to let my personality come out more and blossom. I feel like I am finally getting the hang of this whole blogging thing. I’m really enjoying myself and I hope those that are reading my post are too. 🙂

Cya, Lovebirds<3
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  • ohhh I love wearing fake lashes for special occasions, I do though find them tricky to place on my eyelid so gave up a little while ago… if you have any tips for applying them I’m all ears 🙂

    • Fake lashes are perfect for special occasions! I plan on doing an in depth post on how I apply lashes soon. There are a lot of tricks that can make it a lot easier! I’ll let you in on one right now. 🙂 Let your glue get nice and tacky before you try to stick the lash to your eye, and push the center of the band down before any of the outer edges. 🙂