Inside My Makeup Collection – Highlighters


When it comes to makeup there isn’t anything I like quite more than a good highlighter. Highlighters are my favorite products to buy and test out. There is nothing more satisfying than putting on a highlight for the first time and being blown away. I like to shine to the high heavens, give me a highlighter and I will be determined to make my cheek bones beam like nothing before.

I have many highlighters in my collection, but it feels like I never have enough. I like to highlight my cheek bones, my nose, my chin, my cupids bow, and sometimes even the center of my forehead. I’m very dry skinned so I can highlight all over the place without looking too oily…and I totally take advantage of this fact.

My Powder Highlighters

High End Highlighters

My Cream & Liquid Highlighters

Makeup Highlighters

Drug Store Highlighters


I won’t say which highlights are my favorites because to be honest they’re all like my children, and good parents don’t pick favorites….Unless you’re my mother, her favorite is my brother Jake. 😛 Back on topic! Formula wise, I prefer powder highlighters over cream any day of the week. Powders are just so much faster and easier to work with. The only time I prefer a cream over a powder is when it comes to highlighting my cupids bow. My cupids bow can look a little funky with a powder highlighter.

I don’t think I will ever have too many highlighters, and actually I just bought Jaclyn Hill’s new highlighter/blush palette that she created with Becca Cosmetics. It should be coming in the mail soon, so maybe I will do a mini review on it! 🙂

I hope you guys didn’t mind my little disappearance! Life came up, and I’ve been very busy dealing with fraudulent charges on my banking account, buying a new car, and a few other life events. Everything ended up working out totally fine, it was just very time-consuming. 😛 I will have another post up soon! 😀

Let me know if you are excited to see another piece of my makeup collection,
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