Last Minute Valentine’s/Galentine’s Day Ideas

Valentine's Day Snacks
Let’s not lie to ourselves: tons of people procrastinate Valentine’s Day. Some people choose not to celebrate it at all. I say you do you, whatever that may mean for you. This year my boyfriend and I are kinda doing two different celebrations and I’m kind of using the blog as an excuse for that!
This first post is an idea for a last minute (but still incredibly thoughtful and fun) Valentine’s Day.
I actually thought of this with intentions of it being for Galentine’s Day. However, I have no female friends that I could contact on such short notice, thus Keegan volunteered as tribute. Such a trooper, I swear.<3

The Break Down

For our Valentine’s Day date night-in we kept it pretty simple. We also tried to keep it fairly healthy because we haven’t been exactly eating the best.
We got take out for dinner and ate while watching a movie and joking around.
After that we did DIY Facials with avacado, coconut oil, and egg whites. This turned out way more messy than I had anticipated, thus the lack of photos. 😛
I also put out snacks for us which included Cabot White Oak Cheese and mixed fruit. For a drink, we had some champagne that we mixed with juice. He doesn’t like the taste of alcohol, and I just prefer anything other than wine, and/or champagne I guess.
By this time we switched back to binge watching House for the rest of the night, which we are, regrettably, almost finished! 🙁


Valentine's Day DInner Sushi

Dinner was delicious, however neither of us finished what we ordered. Lots of Sushi means tons of rice, so we got full pretty fast.

More Last Minute Ideas

Still need some last minute inspiration? Here’s some ideas that I think would be fun:

1. Make a Pinterest board of DIY facial recipes and have your guests pick out a few in advance. Quickly pick up the ingredients from the store, along with whatever snacks they would like. Sip Cocktails and do facials.

2. Take your Galentine or Valentine out for a nice Mani/Pedi. This isn’t something I personally would do because I rather do them at home.

3. Make a Pinterest board full of food ideas. Then, either have them pick out a dish and make it for them or pick out a dish together, cook it together, and (most importantly) enjoy it together!

4.  Find a new show to binge on Netflix together for the entire night. Keegan & I would highly recommend Santa Clarita Diet, or House. Santa Clarita Diet sounds like a dumb show, but I assure you that the title is misleading. This new Netflix Original is awesome!

5. If you are in an area where this is an option, go outdoors and play in the snow like kids again! I know in Vermont we are getting more snow than we’ve gotten in years right now. I personally don’t like the cold, but this amount of snow makes everything so much more gorgeous than it already is. The other night we couldn’t resist going outside and enjoying the snow for a bit.

6. My last date night idea is what we have planned for tonight (weather permitting), which is dinner and a movie. Sounds lame and super simple but we prefer to think of it as a time-tested classic. Keegan and I have never been big on gifts. If we want something we get it when we can afford it. We much rather spend time enjoying each other’s company while doing things we find fun.  Fool proof idea: take your Galentine or Valentine to their favorite restaurant and then hit up Fifty Shades Darker!

Share Your Plans With Me!

I love reading comments and checking out other’s blogs. Let me know down below what your Valentine’s Day plans are!
I hope you all have a great Valentine’s Day filled with lots of love,