Lets Talk Netflix – My Favorite Shows

Netflix and Chill

Okay, so I watch A LOT of Netflix. I wouldn’t say I watch it an unhealthy amount or anything, I mean I still get out of the house. ;P I like to watch Netflix when I am doing other things. Sometimes I will watch Netflix while I do homework, style my hair, put on makeup, play with my bird, and mostly when I cannot fall asleep at night. Yeah yeah I know if you are an insomniac you shouldn’t watch TV before bed or spend time on your cellphone…I’ve heard this a million times from my boyfriend. I’ve been putting electronics down more often around bedtime and I have seriously cut back my Netflix watching time in the last two to three months.

These are my absolute favorite shows on Netflix, if you are hunting for something new…Let your hunt end here.



Spartacus is not appropriate for everyone. I really wouldn’t watch this if you are under the age of  seventeen…maybe even eighteen. Spartacus is filled with blood, gore, and sex. However, it has one of the best story lines of any show I’ve seen. I felt like a lot of the characters had realistic personalities and they were all unique as well. Swords and spears are more entertaining to watch in combat than guns in my opinion, so this is another reason I enjoyed this show. However, this show definitely isn’t for everyone.

The Following

If you want more blood and gore there is The Following. There is less blood in The Following than there is in Spartacus, but this is also a much more modern plot line. The Following will confuse you as to which side you are supposed to like; good or bad. It may haunt your dreams, but if you are anything like me…the characters will keep drawing you back in. At the end of every episode you will crave to find out what happens next.


I can get pretty geeky and Fringe really satisfies this side of me. Walter is the best character ever! Quirky, brilliant, and obsessed with LSD; he’s one of the main characters and he did a fantastic job. Well rounded characters, a plot line unlike anything else, and many seasons to get you hooked till the very end.

Hart Of Dixie

Hart Of Dixie is a heartwarming show that is perfect when you need some comfort. Sometimes I wish the world worked the way it does in this Hart Of Dixie. If anyone knows a place where everyone helps each other, and treats each other the way they do in Hart of Dixie, let me know!


Leverage can easily be described as the modern-day Robin Hood. Except there is a group of “thieves” that help out the “poor”. If you like romance and action you will love this show. I will confess that the first couple of episodes weren’t the best but if you give it a shot it gets much better!

Blue Collar

My boyfriend had to listen to my chattering about Blue Collar for such a long time. I was OBSESSED with this show. Mozart, oddly enough, was my favorite character. If you aren’t keen on laughing I suggest you skip this show. ;P

The 100

There is only one negative when it comes to this show; there isn’t enough seasons out yet! Whoever came up with the story line for this show was incredibly creative! I binge watched this show on Netflix so quickly it was insane.

Gossip Girl

I’ll let you in on a little secret…My boyfriend adored Gossip Girl. I’m sure anyone that has watched this show on Netflix can guess who his favorite character was. Yes, it was Chuck Bass. He picked on me at first when I started this series but shortly after he began watching almost every episode with me! Ladies, I dare you to get your boyfriend hooked!

Let me know if you’ve watched any of these shows and what you thought of them!
Cya later Lovebirds,
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