Makeup Essentials – Eye Brushes

Morphe Brushes & Sigma Brushes

The best way to up your eye-makeup game is to have a variety of eye brushes. I have tons of eye brushes in all different shapes and sizes to create tons of different effects. Plus there are tons of brands that have affordable eye brushes that are great quality!

Fluffy Crease Brushes

I adore fluffy crease brushes, and my favorite by far is the Morphe E27 ($6.99). This brush is on the bigger side but is so soft and fluffy that it is great for applying a transition shade or really blending shadows out. Another fluffy crease brush that I really enjoy is the Sigma E40, this brush is a bit smaller so I use it a bit lower in the crease.

Deep Crease Brushes

The two brushes I use to get deep into the crease when creating more dramatic looks would be the Morphe M441 ($5.99) and the Sigma E70. I much prefer the Morphe M441 out of these two, and I actually want to buy another one soon because they are super cheap.

Base Color Brush

I use the Sigma E60 every single day to apply a base color on my lids before I go in with any other colors. That base shade is almost always MAC Blanc Type eyeshadow. This brush is so large and flat, and it works better than any other for this purpose.

Packing Color On Lid

This brush technically isn’t an eye brush, but it is my all time favorite brush for packing color onto the eyelid. The brush I am referring to is the Sigma F70, which is “technically” meant for concealer. However, most flat synthetic brushes would be just fine for packing color onto the lid this is just my personal favorite because of the size and shape.

Outer Corner Brush

For the outer corner or outer v of my eyes I typically use the Morphe M433 ($5.00) brush. But…I have a love hate relationship with this brush. As much as I love it I equally hate when I accidentally poke myself in the eye with it…which happens more often than I would like to admit. What can I say I am clumsy and I get easily distracted.

These are my must have brushes that I use on the daily to create all of my eye looks! 🙂 If you have any questions about any of these brushes, feel free to ask!

*Note: The Sigma brushes I own are from the Mr. Bunny collection so all of them have synthetic fibers, buying some of these brushes individually may mean that they have a different type of bristle*

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