MOTD / My Spring Goals

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Makeup Of The Day

Today’s makeup of the day was very simple. I wanted an easy eye with a bold lip. I also decided to rock some messy hair. Lipstick is Mac’s Smoked Purple.

Springtime Goals

Coming from an area that has a cold climate for most months out of the year, spring is something I look forward to. People get depressed during the winter where I come from. When the sun starts to come out and shine more, so do the people. The grass gets greener, I tend to get leaner, and positivity just floats through the air. This spring I’m making more goals for myself; I find I’m most productive when I set and accomplish goals. Spreading inspiration is a want of mine, and for this reason I decided to share my goals with all of you! Maybe it’ll inspire others to create and complete goals this spring too.

  1. Create and stick to a weekly schedule. I’m awful when it comes to keeping a strict schedule. I blame this on the fact that I have done a majority of my schooling from home. I have great self motivation but I am used to doing things when I feel like it. I realize this isn’t exactly fair to any readers that are expecting my posts, so this is something I am going work really hard to change. I also want to get on a schedule that will include exercise as well. Β Working on a computer all day means I also sit on my butt quite a bit. Exercise is essential, and our generation doesn’t get enough of it because of technology. I need to increase my activity level.
  2. Try to have an overall healthier diet. My diet isn’t absolutely horrible, but it really isn’t the greatest either. I need to eat more throughout the day, have healthier, and better balanced meals. Bettering oneself should always be a thought, especially when it comes to health. Improving my overall health is a major goal of mine.
  3. Wake up earlier. When it comes to sleeping…lets just say I suck at counting sheep. My sheep are, metaphorically speaking, are demon-like with knives and they torture me all night. Whoa wait where is this going? Clearly, I’m in need of some sleep right now. Anyway…I really want to start waking up earlier. I hate waking up late because I feel like I have little to no time to get things done. I need to become the boss of my sheep and start waking up when the rooster cockadoodledoos. What is with my obsession with farm animals today? πŸ˜›
  4. My last goal is very blog/traffic oriented. Improving my use of Pinterest in order to get better Pinterest related traffic. I’m a bit of a Pinterest newbie but I do know that a lot of people like to get their blog reading fill through Pinterest. I want anyone that can gain something from reading my posts to be able to access them on the platform they are most comfortable using. πŸ™‚

Setting goals is important for all of us human beings. We couldn’t improve ourselves, or the world that we live in if we didn’t set goals. These are my goals for the spring, in the comments share your springtime goals with me! I’d love to hear them and they may even encourage me to make more goals!

As always, I hope you are doing well, cya next time Lovebirds!
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  • Hi Nichole! I love how your blog looks and your MOTD! I suck at makeup but am loving my new skincare routine that I learned from my friend who we fondly call, the Skin Goddess. I like my face to look nice with and without makeup.

    Those goals! Kinda same ones that I have. Haven’t been getting enough sleep as well! Need to sleep early and wake up early. Same sentiments, I hate waking up late because so much time for productivity is lost. Dieting is also part of my goals. I need abs this year! HAHAH Need xD

    I’m lost on how to utilize Pinterest. I have one but not sure how to get more followers. Hope you can make a post on this. πŸ™‚

    And I live in a super warm tropical country… I wish for spring and autumn all the time! I’ve experienced Winter and I do know how hard it is. I used to love it because of the snow but then I found out there are different types of snow. Yikez! hahaa Magic is now gone. I do love the snow that you can build Snowmen on. haha

    • Hello Tiff,
      I agree completely with you, I really try to keep my skin looking just as flawless without makeup. Skincare is super important. πŸ™‚
      I’m glad you share some of the same goals! Hopefully we can both work towards accomplishing them!
      Ahaha I would love to live somewhere tropical! I’m sure everyone gets sick of where they live after a while though! πŸ™‚
      I’m glad you love my blog and my makeup, thank you for your kind words! It means so much to me, I’ve been working super hard! Stay tuned for some makeup application tips!
      xx Nichole

  • Wow. You look so dreamy. I love the pale skin paired with the bold lip. Such a stunning combination. :]

    // β–² β–²

    • Thank you so much! I love having pale skin, though sometimes it can be frustrating because all of my veins show in my entire body. πŸ˜›
      xx Nichole

  • Beautiful lipstick! I also like to get in a healthier diet as the weather gets warmer, it’s much easier to eat veggies when I’m not freezing for some reason. I’ve been really loving baby spinach and kale.

    | |

    • Thank you πŸ™‚ I love baby spinach, especially in salads. I find that winter time I tend to eat a lot more comfort food, which isn’t always the healthiest.
      xx Nichole

  • I love the lipstick you’re wearing in this! I’m trying to wake up earlier too so that I can get more done in the day! x

    • Mac’s Smoked Purple is such a gorgeous color. It’s also on the dryer side so it doesn’t slide all over the place. Any other color I would probably complain about the dryness but for this shade it’s actually a good thing. Waking up early is can be such a challenge! Good luck girl! πŸ™‚
      xx Nichole

  • great goals! I am totally with you on numbers 3&4 too!