Must Have Eyeshadows For Spring & Summer

Must Have Summer Eyeshadows

These are five must have eyeshadows for spring, and summer this year! Each of these shades are gorgeous, buttery, pigmented, and none of them are too “out there” either. Anyone can pull off all of these five colors for multiple summer appropriate looks.

Spring and summer are pristine times to experiment with eye-looks using unique and fun colors. Last year I played around with a lot of intense sunshine golds and sparkly eyeshadows, but this year I am eyeing all of the corals, mints, and pinks.

When it comes to buying colorful eyeshadows I much prefer buying single pans, this way I only get the shades that I know I want. However, if you see a palette of exciting colors,  and you end up liking all of them, pick it up! Palettes are almost always a great value. I’m totally not trying to enable your makeup addiction or anything…or am I? 😉


Must Have Eyeshadows Spring & Summer

These colors will be used regularly in my rotation during these warmer months. 🙂 From left to right we have MUG Desert Sands, MUG Cupcake, MAC Expensive Pink, MAC Jest, and MUFE Nile Green.

Let me know if you check out these colors. 🙂 Also, what are your favorite summer shades or the shades you plan on using in the summertime?

Wishing you all the best spring/summer ever,
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