Spring Into Spring – Essie Nail Polish Haul

Essie Nail Polish

My area is finally getting some sunshine for once! Nothing compares to the warm, and gentle feeling of the sun beating down upon your skin, when riding shotgun. Thank goodness spring is approaching! I can almost smell tanning lotion in the air. I can imagine the rise in humidity, as all the dull greenery that surrounds me comes back to life. I’m very eager for spring to arrive!

Spring, to me, is about everything waking up and coming back to life. In New England everything turns brown over the winter. Don’t get me wrong…The fall foliage, and the snow are gorgeous…But everything beneath the snow gets pretty murky. When spring comes everything starts to bloom and gain color again. It’s a very exciting time of the year. 

I knew I needed some new nail polishes in my life. So I chose to get some colors that just scream spring and summer.


These polishes average around $8 a piece. I got mine at WalMart for around $8.50 but I know Ulta sometimes has sales on Essie Nail polishes.

Pretty Colors

Essie Nail Polishes Spring Colors

*Note: There are only five colors pictured here because I only purchased five of the colors in today’s haul. The extra color in the first picture is a polish that I have had for a long time, and it is in the shade Chinchilly.

The shades in the top row from left to right are : Bikini So Teeny, Mint Candy Apple, and Sand Topez. The shades in the bottom row from left to right are: Eternal Optimist, and Sunday Funday.

  • Bikini So Teeny is a light blue shade with hints of lavender. Nautical, would be the word I use to describe this color. When you look at this color closely it appears to have some tiny blue shimmer.
  • Mint Candy Apple is a very light mint shade. It appears to have some white undertones to it.
  • Sand Tropez is probably the hardest color to describe because it changes slightly when you look at it in different lighting. To describe it I would say it is a pinkish-greige color. I am really excited to try this polish on.
  • Eternal Optimist is more of a mauve-pink color. I am currently wearing this on my nails and I enjoy it. This is a really classy pink color.
  • Sunday Funday is a vibrant coral-pink shade with gold shimmer to it.


I feel like whenever I go shopping for nail polishes I try to pick out colors that will pair nicely together. Sometimes I like painting my nails all the same color, but I also find it fun to have an accent nail. I also don’t like matching my toes to my fingers, but I still like the colors to pair well together. This is a good tip, you may find that you get the most out of your nail polishes when you can use them in conjunction, creating more look possibilities.

Essie Nail polishes perfect combo   Sand Tropez and Eternal Optimist, together would create a classy look, which would work perfectly for everyday or to pair with glamorous makeup.

Essie Nail polish mint combo

Sand Tropez can pair with pretty much anything. With Mint Candy Apple; Sand Tropez could create an everyday nail/toe combo. By wearing Sand Tropez on your fingers and Mint Candy Apple on your toes, you could go from work to the beach perfectly. The hint of color that Mint Candy Apple gives is stunning.

Essie Nail Polish blue

Sand Tropez and Bikini So Teeny. Another Perfect work to beach combo. Would also be great for a pool party.

Essie Nail Polish Funky Combo

Pairing Sand Tropez and Sunday Funday would be a very fun and unique look. You could alternate colors between fingers to create something funky. If you want to tone it down you could simply us Sunday Funday as an accent nail.

Essie Nail Polish Soft and sweet combo

Soft and sweet together; Eternal Optimist and Mint Candy Apple. I think I am going to wear this combo for Easter. What do you think?

Essie Nail Polishes Funky Nautical Combo

Can someone please pair Bikini So Teeny and Sunday Funday together with a nautical themed stripped bathing suit?? These colors clash in the most beautiful way.

I’m stoked to try out all of these new colors. I almost wish that Essie polishes would chip or wear off of my nails quicker so I would be more inclined to change my nail color more often. Essie polishes tend to work the best with my nails. I also enjoy OPI nail polishes. What are some of your favorite nail polish brands?

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I hope you enjoyed this post!

Cya, Lovebirds<3

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  • Emma
    • Fall Upon Glamour

      These colors make me so excited for spring! I’m glad you like them 🙂

    • These colors make me so excited for spring! I’m glad you like them 🙂

      • Emma

        Same! Cant wait for spring and more pastel colours! 🙂

        • I agree completely! I love fall so much but I am so ready for a change. 🙂
          By the way I took a look at your blog and you are off to a great start! If you want to be blog buddies we can. I just followed you on instagram! 😀

          • Emma

            OMG yes exactly! Awww thank you! Yeah sure sounds good, oooh cool i’ll check yours out! 🙂

  • Miss Shan Louise

    This is such a fab post! Essie nail polishes are by far my favourite of all the brands! We have such similar taste in the colour selection you’ve picked out, although my absolute favourite has to be ‘Sunday Funday’!
    Shan x


    • Thank you! & so far Essie is my favorite formula as well! I’m actually thinking about putting on ‘Sunday Funday’ today! 🙂
      xx Nichole