T.J. Maxx Beauty Haul

T.J. Maxx Beauty Haul

Shopping hasn’t been something I’ve been doing much of lately. So, when my mother and sister asked me if I wanted to join them of course I said yes. They browsed other portions of the store a majority of the time while I geeked out entirely in the beauty section.

T.J. Maxx is a great place to find killer beauty steals on products that you might not normally decide to spend a ‘pretty penny’ on. My local T.J. Maxx was stocked fairly well for being in such a small area, and for this reason I can only imagine what pops up in better locations!

Clarifying Peppermint Cocoa Sheet Masks ($6)

I saw the box to these clarifying peppermint masks and knew I had to get them. My skin has been more troubled lately, so I am hoping these may actually help! These masks are by the brand Creme Shop and they appear to be cruelty free as well!

Revive Anti -Aging Sheet Masks ($5)

Anti – Aging is never a bad thing, and I had already tried a different type of mask from this brand and loved them. So I figured I would give this one a go! I also just like having a decent stock of masks to use whenever I feel inclined.

Bliss The Youth Anti -Aging Eye Cream ($12)

This product I’m rather excited to see how it compares to other eye creams.  Finding an eye cream, that is not from the drugstore, at this price point is not something I could not pass up. Though, I am still thoroughly addicted to a completely different eye cream that I have mentioned in the past.

Bliss Daily Detoxifying Facial Toner ($6)

I’m a sucker for matching things. Bad habit. I had to stop myself after this product because otherwise everything was going to be from Bliss. However, I did really need a new facial toner so this was perfect!

Stila Got Inked Cushion Eye Liner ($3)

This product originally retails for 28$ at Sephora. I was able to find it in the shade Amethyst Ink, which is dark purple color. If I end up liking this formula enough I may go back and see if T.J. Maxx  has the other colors still. So you may be seeing Amethyst Ink featured in a look soon!

I love seeing other people’s T.J. Maxx Beauty Hauls as well so feel free to comment or link yours, if you have one, for me to check out down below! 🙂