The Vanity We Have All Obsessed Over

I think almost every girl will recognize this vanity style. The Ikea Alex Drawers with a white table top laid on top. This set up has been used by many for years, and for good reason. However, there is also another side to this vanity that I don’t think gets mentioned.

Mini Cons

First off if you aren’t familiar with Β putting together Ikea furniture, the instructions have absolutely no words. I like words. So I suggest that if you are going to buy this vanity you follow along with a Youtube video while setting it up.
I’m going to get right to the small pet peeve I have about this vanity, so we can leave off on the positives. Which is that the drawers almost never stay lined up with the top. I constantly have to adjust things and the drawers are heavy so it’s not exactly easy. My vanity is almost always off in at least one spot. This is even using the non slip things Ikea included to try to prevent that from happening. In my opinion, still not a good enough reason to pass this vanity up.


Nonetheless, I am in love with my vanity and I think this is an affordable option for a girl who wants a lot of storage. It’s sleek and simple as well so you can dress it up to fit your style.
Another reason I went with this design is because you can easily replace the top if it gets stained. Makeup is messy & white things stain, this is just how the world works. I will say, that most of the time I can get almost anything to come off of it…tinted tanning lotion being the only exception -.-


My favorite aspect about this vanity, next to it just being set up perfectly for makeup storage, is that I know if I get sick of the way it looks now I can easily change it completely by switching up the decor I use on, and around it.
I shop for any decorations at craft stores, at least usually. I always end up there with my family anyway, and that’s always where I find unique things that catch my eye. Although, I’m thinking T.J. Maxx will also be a future decor stop for me! ;D

Let me see your vanity! If you have a blog posts or a picture posted somewhere feel free to post it in the comments and I’ll check it out! Also, a new makeup look will be coming soon! πŸ™‚